Spring Fever in full swing!!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Big Bad Kitty, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. Big Bad Kitty

    Big Bad Kitty lolcat

    Post after post I read.

    My difficult child did this. My difficult child just did that. My difficult child can't control him/herself.

    Meltdowns, homework refusal, let's try some new medications, oh no there are some bad side effects, now we are being chastised by the school district.

    psychiatrists, Tdocs, neuropsychs, proper diagnosis's, improper diagnosis's.

    I sit here near tears. Seriously. I have never seen such a heavy concentration of pain and desperation in one place. I feel so bad for the moms and dads here who are aching for answers for their poor suffering children. I can't get to everybody, and I feel like a broken record.

    ~~~"Sorry for your pain, hugs and prayers your way."~~~

    I pray to God that this is seasonal, and that our precious children settle down (at least a bit) very soon.

    This is not hopeless. This board is a Godsend. The members are so caring, and the power of the care on this board has worked miracles. Keep posting, everyone. We will all get through this, together.

    You are all in my prayers, every one of you, and all of your little (and not so little) ones.
  2. tiredmommy

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    You are indeed a true sweetheart. But I see something different. I see parents, day after day, rising to the occasion of raising their oppositional, difficult and resistant to parenting children. Everyday. I find inspiration in the strength and sheer determination of our warrior parents. I feel connected and understood, not judged or condemned. Our members are truly inspiring.
  3. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    I think this is a very hard time for a lot of us... Thank you from both of you. I find that for those of us who have yet to have or find stability these seasonal changes are so hard and scary for us and our children. For those of us who have some form of stability it is sometimes even harder because you watch what stability you had completely unravel.
    So you hear our frustration and fear and utter despair sometimes in our posts!!! You hear us letting it out at the end of the night, so we don't let it out on our kids...
    I for one have to hold it all together all day, with a very unstable child, and another who is suffering the effects...
    So when I post here a lot of the time it is like a catharsis... I let it out, feel better and go on.
    This board is wonderful... I look to it for suggestions, support and friendship... despite my child.
    Thank you all of you for being here to sort through my mostly long winded posts!!! LOL
  4. dirobb

    dirobb I am a CD addict

    I ditto...you are a sweetheart and this board is a godsend.

    I usually relay something I heard here to my husband. A story with a difficult child similar to ours or something someone may have tried different that might work for us. At our last therapy meeting you ladies(and gentlemen) would have been so proud of husband. He relates a story (i printed for him to read) tp the dr. With the parents unique response to the situation.)
    Just wanted to share, you (all of you) reach out not just in reponse to my post but by your post and responses to others. And you have a positive impact on each of us.
  5. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911


    It's nice to be understood. It's nice to know we have support. Without this board, it's member support and care I really don't know where Dude and I would be. That is what scares me - those of us who have come here - are offered a soft landing strip. And while there are so many of us hurting here day to day - we have each other. There is comfort in that. It's the one's that haven't found us yet that I truly feel for - they are trying to do what we do without us.

    You are a huge heart! And I know what you mean about reading day in day out and being sad. Makes you just wish you could wave a wand and make it all go away.

    WONDER how long we'd spend in the wand store finding one to do THAT?

  6. Wiped Out

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    BBK-You are such a sweetheart!

    TM-So true!

    I've been here for almost 4 years now and can't imagine where I would be without all of you. I feel like I have the power of this board helping me raise my difficult child and I appreciate it so much.
  7. Loving Abbey 2

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    I have been here on and off for years now. And I have to say that the biggest thing for me is truly knowing that I am not alone. Not that I would wish this on anyone!! Heck, it would be a dream come true if no one ever needed a board like this. But having a difficult child makes, at least, me so isolated, like I am carrying the weight of the world on my back all alone every second of everyday. Even if none of the suggestions of others helped (though they do), for me it's enough to just know I am not alone. I always wish I have more to say to others but I give where I can.

    So I am thankful everyday for this board, for everyone on this board, and for every word someone takes the time to write. It is my saving grace on many days. We are not alone, and in that, there is HOPE!!
  8. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    (((hugs))) BBK

    I don't doubt that spring fever has reared it's ugly head. I know it used to be a hard time for me when the difficult children were little. I was never really sure if it was the season change or that we had been cooped up inside with each other for the whole winter. lol

    I have come to the board for many years. (honestly I'm amazed at how many when I stop to think about it) I think there is an aura that hangs over this board. HOPE

    There is strength in numbers and we prove that every single day here. Not only do we draw strength, courage, and wisdom from each other and our experiences, we truely care about each other as extended family.

    Honestly I don't know where either of my difficult child's would be today if it weren't for the board. I was a good parent before I came here. But I was a better parent once I found the board, and became a warrior parent-a force to be reckoned with.:warrior:
  9. nvts

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    You know, I'm going to try something different. BBK and all of you are right, but I'm starting to feel like I'm stuck in a rutt. As I said in another post, it feels like I get one difficult child settled and the next one acts up, has an issue, gives me gas...whatever!

    I'm going to go in and bake a batch of Christmas cookies.

    We were all laughing, horsing around with each other on the board (mmmm...buttery cricket soup!) and I think a good batch of good times might just lighten the load!

    I'm done feeling that this is the hand I've been dealt. Darnit, if life is going to deal me a hand that I don't like, I'm going out eating good cookies!

    I'm also thinking that if the "demons" come in from school to Christmas cookies and milk, it will not only confuse the "h-e- double hockey sticks" out of them, but it might just make them lighten up to!

    By the way, thank you all for helping me work toward becoming a better Mom! Even when we're at our lowest, we're a force to be reckoned with!

    Later family!

  10. KTMom91

    KTMom91 Well-Known Member

    This board is family, where I can find the support and understanding I can't find anywhere else. On a bad day, I check in several times. I know someone will be here and there will be a warm feeling, like a nice soft blanket wrapped around me.

    Beth has made me want some cookies. I think I'll do some baking, too. Shortbread. I love it.
  11. navineja

    navineja New Member

    I haven't posted re: N and J's issues lately because there is nothing new that we haven't dealt with before, but I have been reading a lot on the board. I really appreciated this thread, since it reminds me that we are not alone. I find such support here just by reading what you all are dealing with and how well you handle it. It pushes me to be a better mom, trying to be more understanding of my little difficult children. Thank you all for being here and being warrior moms!