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It was a long, stressful day but they are out.
Me and the HOA president were right…the original two were in there when the sheriff’s deputy came. Unreal. 90 plus percent leave the night before …the day the 24 hour notice comes.

Turns out she is mentally ill and a big time drug user. He is a drug user and a big time drug seller/dealer. Kinda the perfect couple in a gross sort of way.

We hired a locksmith. Sheriff deputy came. Pounded on doors. They wouldn’t come out. Locksmith got in. The deputy had his hand on his gun the entire time. Female argued with deputy. He gave them about ten minutes to get their things and get out. They had a lot of things…two bicycles, clothing and whatnot.

To everyone’s shock and I DO mean everyone’s…it was only moderately dirty. Only a few things were missing…perhaps 2-3. I found two items of drug parafanalia (sp?) . No cooking meth or anything like that.

Much better than expected. A bit more tomorrow…I’m exhausted and profoundly grateful.

Thank you.
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Sending you strength and prayer! My sister is going through this with my brother right now. She got an order of protection which he blew off and got arrested AGAIN. Court has mandated therapy/substance abuse, extended the order to another year and he is OUT of the house! She is moving to a place I found for her, now sleeping there and said its the best sleep she has had in 2 years. Bless you:)