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    I'm just wanting to make sure I have this right. From what I can tell, I can work and as long as I earn less than $720 per month it doesn't count toward a Trial Work Period which, once you exceed that, seems to start the process for losing your disability. Is this correct? Do I have to let them know that I'm working if I'm not going to be earning enough to count towards the TWP?

    I'd like to bring in a little extra income, but I don't see me being able to work more than 10 - at most 15 - hours a week, so I don't want to get into the TWP issue and potentially screw myself in the long run.

    This is where I'm getting my info:
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    I know what it SAYS.........and it IS in writing........but trust this little bit of advice ------CONSULT a SSDI attorney (gratis) BEFORE YOU go doing ANY job - because it is our understanding that IF you can work a few hourse for a few weeks for a few years? Your SSDI is "RE-EVALUATED" and then you are subject to LOOSING your SSDI because - well if you can work a little? Then you can work a little more, and then you can work....period.

    So be ye careful unless working full time or part time without SSDI income really IS your goal. (your state laws may be different) but DF was told the above, as Voc Rehab wanted to "retrain" him from being a Master plumber to sitting in a call center for 5-10 hours a week - talking on the phone for - SOME income to "offset" his SSDI - and we had to FIGHT to prove that as a man 110% disabled, who could NOT sit nor stand 2-3 hours at a time - as a call taker, or a convenience store clerk - or anything else retrainable? It rendered him utterly, and completely disabled. Thus he can not take ANY part time -pesuedo part time, jobs at ALL. And the atty told him to be "cautious" about even starting an Ebay business with his social security number because the SS people DO check that as well - so be warned.
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    Hi, Heather. I'm sure each state is slightly different, but I also get SSDI and can make up to about $720 a month for nine months and not get any benefits taken away. It is a strange system. Eventually I can make up to $1000 a month and not be in trouble, but if I make $1010, they will revisit whether or not I need SSDI.

    I keep it way under $1000. I work as a Bus Aide on a day care bus and sometimes I sub as an aide in the classroom for about four hours. That's it. I have been doing this for two years now and average maybe $600 a month. I have to go to the SS office every time I get paid to show them my pay check.

    I hope this helped. It's confusing!
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    My attorney told me I could work as long as I don't make over $900 a month, but that number is nowhere in the information I can find. It appears that as long as I keep it under $720 it doesn't count toward a trial work period - only if you make more than $720 does it count as a trial work period. After 9 months on a trial work period, other things start to kick in.

    I guess I'm going to have to call them. Or my attorney. I don't have much faith in either.
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    I am also on SSDI. Anything under $720 is not counted against you. Above that, you can make up to $1000 and still not lose your benefits (I've been doing that for years) but yes, anything above $720 is counted as your trial work period. As long as you keep it under $1000 you're okay unless you want to save your TWP. In that case, don't go above $720. Anything above $1010 is considered substantial work and Will affect or even discontinue your SSDI.

    Does that help? I've been working part-time for many years and as long as I don't work enough to make over the $1000 (like THAT'S gonna happen), I'm ok.
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    That does help, thank you.

    What are the pros/cons of saving your TWP?
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    I think it finally just clicked.

    The $720 a month or more is what constitutes a TWP, but you don't get dinged no matter how much you make. After that, if you make more than $1010 per month you lose your benefits. So, I could make more than $720 a month and not have it hurt me other than counting as part of my TWP.

    Ok. I got it. My brain is not working today.
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    That is correct. I'm on SSDI and I can make up to $720 and it doesn't count as a TWP. I do work but very, very limited. I cannot do a lot of hours. You get 9 months of TWP in a 5 year period.