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    I went with my mom and Jess to Staples last night. they had the paper free after rebate (now over) but they also ahd a TON of stuff on clearance for super cheap.

    My mom got the Rush Hour game for $13 which is a great deal. we found the backpack folders for 50 cents for a 3 pack. they are folders that open on the top so that it is easier to access them in your backpack. they are not very stiff paper, but they look quite functional. they had various sizes of graph paper notepads from small and thin to about 80 pages and the size of a half sheet of paper for 50 cents. There were erasers on sale for cheap, the restickable holiday stickers from Scotch brand that were so popular at Christmas (and so expensive) for 50 cents, Just a LOT of useful stuff.

    they also have a dollar days thing going on and those prices were awesome. A dozen mechanical pencils for a dollar and they work WELL, 5 sharpie hiliters for $1, various sizes/types of note pads, postits, etc... for very cheap, just all sorts of things.

    If you need office/school supplies, or just love them, now is a good time to check Staples for sales.