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Star, please update on Stardude when you can. I was just talking to someone about what happeend to your Dude, I am still stunned today! Prayers for all of ya!



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Dear Family,

Thanks SO much for the emails and post! And TM thanks for the PM. Nurse Starbie,,,you crack me up!

Dude went through the surgery as well as expected. He's home now and doing well. Everything he eats for 8 weeks has to be blended so that's been a challenge, but we're all trying new things from the blender. The upkeep for someone with a broken jaw is kinda tough. He's on lots of medications - I got nothing! (LOL)

We demanded he be discharged from the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) today. The boy who broke his jaw didn't even get a consequence. The reasoning was beyon stupid. They said if he knew he hurt someone that bad it would make him "cocky". In 4 days all Dude's possessions and clothes had been picked through and stolen, so when he left today he had 2 pairs of shorts, 2 Tshirts and 2 pr. of shoes, plus the outfit he wore the night we took him out of there for the broken jaw. Of course no one knew where anything was. Even his prescription acne medications were taken. The Residential Treatment Center (RTC) did offer to replace a copy of the prescription.

We were also 'advised' by the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) not to pursue further action past that police report on the matter. Now that dude is discharged, he is no longer a client. The other boy still is a client. We're guessing that the story would be told a certain way to police by those who wanted to keep their job. Nice huh? The corruption will not go untold, belive me...we just have bigger matters to attend to at present.

So here's hoping that.....(mom fills in the blank as she dreams silent prayers)

Thanks to all!
Hugs and Nursing


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So glad to hear he is hanging in there. Wretched docs tho, not providing mama some medications for her next 8 week trial :wink: .
What a horrible experience physically but also must cause a lack of faith in this Residential Treatment Center (RTC) beyond what you already had. I'd be so angry about his posessions, I mean obviously they are in other kids rooms. What ever happened to room searches? I would have thought with them backpeddling to try to avoid fallout of this incident under their watch they would have scoured the place to find his property. I'd be so livid, but as you say, there are bigger matters as present.
I am glad to see your humor still in tact!

Hang in there Star and family!


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DF - (thanks for asking)

DF has not gone to get his teeth pulled as of yet. (Poor thing) he's put that off all this week due to difficult child, and suffered through with a daily bottle of clove oil, pain killers and anti-biotics.

The good news out of all this is that while in talking with the oral surgeon, HE said that to have 27 teeth removed under general anethesia you would have to be steel tough and did NOT advise it. But how about make a consultation appointment? I don't know if it will help or if the man can offer suggestions, but since DF is in chronic pain and takes Methadone for his pain and can't have anesthesia for teeth removal in a clinic this may "MAY" qualify him under Medicare for a substance abuse surgical procedure. We don't know, have to check. To pull his teeth like they should be is over $15,000.00!!!!

Other than that? He's trying to adjust to having difficult child here full time again. So far so good, but it's day 3...and difficult child was down for 2 1/2 of those 3. Breath in, breath out, take your Paxil Star.....whooooo hoooo.

Thanks for asking.


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I am glad that Dude is doing as well as can be expected. I hope you weather things as well.

As for 27 teeth being removed under general anesthesia...I had 26 removed at once almost two years ago. It was no walk in the park, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The hardest part was not being able to eat, but I did lose weight. I will say the first day was painful, although I was told to take a pain pill and have a milkshake within an hour of leaving the oral surgeons' office. After the first day I only took a pain pill at bedtime, because I wanted to make sure I was able to drive my daughter to and from school. I don't know what problems DF is going through now, but obviously he is in a great deal of pain, and I can't imagine that having 27 teeth removed at once would be any more painful than what he has now if he is needing methadone. I did have quite a few stitches too since they had to cut some out. If I knew then what I know now, I wouldn't have had my teeth pulled, but it is because I hate the way my dentures fit and the way food tastes with all that plastic in my mouth. Anyway, hopefully DF will get this taken care of in the way that is best for him. I know that you will support DF and Dude through it all, and we are here to support you.

Take care!!


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So relieved to hear that Stardude's surgery went well and that he's back home recovering.

I don't blame you for being very angry at the Residential Treatment Center (RTC), the way things were handled (or not handled, as the case may be), but definitely understand that Dude and his healing is your first priority.

Hope DF can get his dental situation fixed too. Ouch.

Sending you and your family (gentle) hugs (don't want to hurt Dude with a big auntie squeeze) and prayers. Hopefully things will get better from here.



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Hello Starbie,

I was so happy to read your update. You sound so much better now -- I suppose it's relief that the surgery is behind you and Dude now. I hope his recovery is smooth (well, as smooth as possible with a difficult child!).

I'm flabbergasted about the behaviour of the Residential Treatment Center (RTC). I think you should blacken their name as much as you can, within legal bounds. What about all the other poor kids who are still there? Surely the dreadful behaviour of the staff ought to be publicized? Just a thought.

And good luck to DF.

Sending you a big hug!

Love, Esther