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Discussion in 'Special Ed 101' started by Jahir, Oct 28, 2011.

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    Got the call from the school psychologist yesterday- we should be getting a call from the social worker to schedule a discussion and then, if we agree, she will evaluate DS. Then we will discuss the results and recommendations. Sounds not very comprehensive; where are all the tests? What tests will be done? Some folks in the NYC area have told me they only run the tests they think is needed... which is messed up because this psychologist already has a bias based on what she has heard of his behavior "he should be in a smaller class", "he is immature", "we need to get him situated somewhere good within a month", "this place is not good for him", etc.

    Our advocate told us to let the school do their evaluation and we will reject it and get an independent evaluation through NYU. I'm one of those people that like to tackle challenges as they happen, and now I have to wait wait wait. NYU told us the next available parent appointment is at the end of November; the evaluation would follow afterwards and run a few weeks. If we can expedite the school evaluation to 30 days, we're still looking at January for the independent evaluation.
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    Who says you can't get your independent evaluation at the same time? Of course, you'd have to pay out of pocket. If advocate is planning on making the school pay for independent evaluation, can you schedule an appointment planning on that? Making it more like in December?

    Yes, waiting is the hardest part, but at least your child is now covered under the IDEA protections.
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    I am in Texas but I can tell you how our IEP process is going.

    I was in the school counselors office on 9/11. Giving her a letter from Carson's doctor that he had been diagnosis with severe Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and that he needed to be able to bring home unfinished class room work (which isn't happening). While I was there a lady stuck her head in the office and the counselor introduced me to K the Educational Diagnostician for our counties Special Education. She immeadiatley took my info, put it into her data base, had me sign a lot of paperwork. Told me that his evaluations would be done no later than 11/11.

    I was given the impression that the evaluations would be: IQ and Achievment. And "other" tests. That the Psycologist would talk to me, sit in on his classes and give him more "tests"--determined after her "observation". They sent me over 30 pages to fill out about my pregnancy, his early childhood and now. They took names of doctors he has seen, medication he has taken. and what he is on now.

    As of today? He has recieves ZERO testing and no one has called me. Although I recently emailed the Dignostician to tell her about his 6 days in OCS this month and about his recent Progress Report which was AWFUL.

    Good Luck to you.

    PS: I'm about to fire off another email today--squeaky wheel and all...
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    Yes, the school is only concerned about his education. They will not do a complete psychiatric/medical/educational evaluation, nor do they legally have to do so. The 'discussion' should actually be the domain meeting where the team (you plus school) answer the question "Do we suspect that the student has a problem in this domain that is interfering with his education?" If the answer is yes, then they determine which school staff member will assess him.

    Domains: Health (hearing and vision), Gross & Fine Motor/Sensory, Speech/Language, Social Emotional, General Intelligence and Academics.
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    And based on what you have said, all of these should be checked in my humble opinion. For health, a developmental history/medical history and any current issues including medication trials. Issues in any of those areas can be contributing to the behavioral challenges. In our area, a child referred for Special Education testing is brought before a child study team. One professional from each area is at the meeting and ALL can say if they think what they are hearing could be related to their area. Sp/Lang, psychiatric, and sp ed (achievement/Learning Disability (LD) testing) is usually on every evaluation. If only the psychiatric decided, half the kids would never have been identified I fear. They think they have a handle on everything in child development and many do not.