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Hello I have recently joined this forum because I have a big concern. I am not a parent, but the thing that I want to hear opinions about is for my little brother's actions. My little brother is 11 years old and he has a bad habit of stealing from our parents. At first it was little change, but it started becoming bigger amounts. From coins to dollar bills to even hundred dollar bills. I do not know where he uses the money, but a 11 year old does not need that much money. He gets a weekly allowance and our parents buy him what he needs. So I do not understand why he steals from our parents. They are concerned that if he does not stop this habit now, he will start getting in trouble with the wrong crowd. Today, he stole a huge amount of money ($200) from my dad's wallet. Of course my dad got very mad and started to lecture him when he found out. I do not understand why he is doing this so I would like some help. Thank you very much for reading and for your thoughts.


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It would be more useful if one of your parents came here, because there is way more they can do, than what you can do.

But, just in case you are able to discuss some of this with them, here's my take on it.

We don't know anything about your brother, but I'm going to suspect that either he has some known challenges - things that have been diagnosed - or, he has some as yet undiagnosed challenges. He may have trouble making friends. There may be bullying going on. He may be struggling in school. Often, schools will tell parents that their kid is just a "discipline problem", rather than flag the real challenges, so school isn't a good place to go for an opinion on how he is doing.

I'd be locking up ALL cash. For a couple of years, I had to get used to carrying NO cash at all, until we could get some understanding of my kid's issues and challenges.

And then, I'd be looking for a really comprehensive evaluation - the kind that cannot be done by schools, and which usually has a long wait list but is worth it.


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Your brother might be giving the money away to "buy" friends. Our daughter did this when she was young. Suggest to your parents they get him in to counseling to find out what is going on.