Steam cleaner??

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Sep 22, 2007.

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    Has anyone used a steam cleaner like the Scuncii one? Not necessarily that brand, just like it?

    Do you like it? Does it work well? What brand do you have and do you recommend it?

    I am looking for cleaning supplies that require less effort and work for my back. Any and all opinions are welcome!


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    See my answer in busywend's thread (Anyone have???).

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    We bought a steam cleaning gizmo, it doesn't get used a lot. I reckon, after using mine, that the lovely pics you see on TV of these things cleaning up grease and mould so readily - if you had wiped over the area with a damp cloth you would have got a similar result.

    I'm not impressed.

    Mind you, husband does use it to defrost the fridge. Our fridge ices up in some very tricky places, the steam wand can get in and thaw the ice double-quick. But for cleaning? Nope. And I prefer to avoid chemicals, so I'm very disappointed. The little scrubbing attachment was dead after the first use, the oven looks as gloomy as ever and the shower recess took a lot of elbow grease - as much as ever - AND I had to clean it over a long period of time as I kept running out of water. Gotta let it cool down before I unscrew the cap and refill it.

    When I first used the thing in the shower, I was pleased as I saw mould in the grout slowly dissolve. Then I found I still need to wipe it away fast, then hit it with another jet of steam and hope I killed any remaining mould spores. I couldn't do it all at once, the job was really time-consuming.

    Since then, I've gone back to my previous cleaning method - I use my electric toothbrush with an old discarded head on it. Believe it or not, it's faster than the steamer. I put a tiny bit of soap on the toothbrush head and scrub away. The toothbrush is less work than the steamer! AND it works in the kitchen too.

    Then I tried using an ordinary discarded toothbrush in the kitchen - it's almost as good.

    So check out prices - how many electric toothbrushes can you buy for the same money as a steam cleaner? Even if you burn out one electric toothbrush a month (and I've never done that) then you are ahead. Well ahead. And you can use a new head to clean your teeth - multipurpose!

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    Funny this question should be asked now, yesterday I wouldn't have been able to answer it, but...I borrowed the Bissell Pro Heat steam cleaner last night from my neighbor. I know she really likes it and I'm happy with the job it did on my carpet.

    We have light-colored carpet that shows stains (already here when we bought the house) and with our toddlers, we had a few spots. We needed to pre-treat the spots and most of them are gone but for an all-over clean, I'd say this one did the job. It was easy to use, just like a vacuum, but slower. We also used on two really flat area rugs, it didn't work as well on thse. But it was good on what would probaby be a medium shag height carpet.

    I have the Hoover FloorMate for hard surfaces, because most of my first floor has tile or hard wood. I do like it and I it gets the floor clean, but sometimes I wonder if the swiffer things would work just as well or almost as well. I know you didn't ask about a hard surface cleaner, but I wanted to add just in case.
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    My husband and I are getting ready to purchase one of those new H2O mops that is a steam cleaner it has pads for the hard surface floors and a ring to put on the bottom you can use for steam cleaning carpets. It looks to be lighter than a vacuum, and it isn't much bigger than a swiffer. But it supposedly works great to steam clean carpets. Once I receive it, I will try to let you know if we have any luck, if I remember!!! lol.