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    Hi Everyone! Many of us have lost a lot over the years. Whether it be people, pets, or even hope. Dear Abby used to have people send in their "Pennies from Heaven" stories that were truly inspirational. One of the Women's magazines have them occasionally.

    If you adopt the thought behind the poem, and keep your eyes open, you have nothing to lose: at worst, you'll be a penny richer. Different organizations collect pennies from school kids, etc. as charitable donations. You could even collect yours from your angels and toss them in a poor box somewhere.

    Personally, I REALLY enjoyed the quote at the end and am thinking of adding it to my profile! It's perfect!

    Pennies from Heaven
    "Remember this every time you pass that little penny in the parking lot.
    I always thought that it was for Good Luck, but I love this version better:

    I found a penny today
    Just laying on the ground.
    But it's not just a penny,
    this little coin I've found.

    Found pennies come from heaven,
    That's what my Grandpa told me.
    He said Angels toss them down.
    Oh, how I loved that story.

    He said when an Angel misses you,
    They toss a penny down.
    Sometimes just to cheer you up,
    To make a smile out of your frown.

    So, don't pass by that penny,
    When you're feeling blue. It may be a penny from heaven,
    that an Angel's tossed to you."

    So now pass this on to the people who you care about
    and who you feel are Angels to you,
    I just did.
    An Angel is now watching over you.

    Have A Great Day!

    "Don't let your worries get the best of you, remember, Moses started out as a basket case"
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    Aw. I love it.
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    Here's an example of one (I found it on the Dear Abby website - just type in "Pennies from Heaven" in the search and you'll find tons of them!).

    DEAR ABBY: I have read your column for years and was delighted to read another of your "pennies from heaven" letters from Lisa Angilano of Berea, Ohio, concerning her brother who was killed in a car crash. I also lost a brother last year in a car accident.

    After reading the paper, I went to my usual morning Mass and decided to ask the Lord to let me know if my brother was in heaven, along with a sister and my mother who had also passed away. I prayed to find some pennies from heaven to let me know. Later that morning, I went to the post office and when I came out, I found three pennies clustered together in an empty parking space next to my car. I was moved to tears. Now I know they are all there. -- GRATEFUL IN CALIFORNIA

    A little comfort goes a long way!

    I think it would be fun for us to keep our eyes peeled for a few weeks and start writing our own "Pennies from Heaven" stories here for our family. Anyone interested?

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    Loved the penny poem, great story and comforts you with the thought of someone/angel letting you know you are not alone with any pain you may be to look for pennies! Thanks for the post.
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    Thanks nvts -

    I have always figured that any money you find is angel money.

    I was married and Dude was just born. I think he was maybe 6 weeks old. I got pneumonia like I did every year back then. I had just enough gas to make it to the doctor, I had just enough money in my hands to pay my part for the appointment., I thought maybe I could get some samples of whatever drug he would give - to cure me.

    I left the doctors office with a prescription for a generic antibiotic that if I did not take - I would be more sick within hours. I cried - we had no money - my x was an addict and since Dude was born I had not gone back to work. My x left us with basically nothing all the time.

    I had to buy formula now for Dude - because he couldnt nurse with me being on antibiotics I could not afford. I had no idea what I was going to do. I pulled over at a convenience store to use the phone (we didn't have one) and I was going to call my Mom collect to see if she could help. As I stood at the phone trying to call her - I looked down and there was a $10.00 bill. I picked it up, and went after the man who used the phone before me - he was honest and said "It's not mine - I guess it's your lucky day." And that was enough to buy my prescription.

    But the formula? I got home and there were coupons in the mail for free cans of baby formula -

    Now when I loose money - it doesn't make me so angry - I know that somewhere someone found my lost paper money and it is THEIR "angel" money. And I'll never get to know that I was someones angel - But it's a lot easier to look at it that way than to be angry at myself for loosing paper money.
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    I had a student who was 'the bad kid.' All the teachers dreaded him coming to class. For some reason, we got along. (Maybe I'm equally as bad. ;))

    The kid found $100 bill on the floor and brought it to me. I turned it into the office. It sat there for the bulk of the school year and no one claimed it. On the last day of school, they turned it over to him.

    There are good people out there. I was so proud of him.