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    When difficult child 1 started public school this year for her senior year I made it very clear (ok maybe husband is the only one that heard me but he did back on this-smart man) that I wanted/needed to know when things were required to be done (senor pics, ordering of items etc). Number 1 reason we live 3 hours away and I can't just bop over to take care of something. Number 2 we have 2 other children and many appointments so again can't just bop over. Number 3 I can't poop out money over night for these things not to mention once I have figured out if I am robbing Peter or Paul I can't get it there that quickly (see reasons 1 & 2) and sending a check overnight is expensive.

    So I have coninually asked (the school liason for the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) works nights as in midnight to 6) so I have to leave messages. Might I add that I don't know how she does this when these are the hours she works but hmmm could this be part of the problem. As the school sends all the info "home" with difficult child 1 to the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) obviously we don't see it.

    Now I find out she can't get her picture in the yearbook because it already needed to be done (again I asked and was told not to worry about it).

    We also were looking at the paperwork today that said what we could order for announcements. Guess what it was already filled out. We weren't asked how many we needed. (believe me we have a lot of family and for once we have something good to share so I want one for everyone and I wanted the real ones not the ones we will have to now make on our own) But did we get the option to fill it out. Nope.

    I got so mad I handed it all to husband (who all of a sudden was stunned into reality that I was angry) and told him I was going outside for a moment. I didn't want to explode in front of the other residents of the Residential Treatment Center (RTC). I did some deep breathing (gasping snarling and other types) and then went back in when I was sure I wouldn't do anything inappropriate. husband is looking at me like what is wrong? I pointed the dates out. The already done paper work out. As I am doing this the anger is taking over. Ever try to yell while wispering. Oh boy was I. Told husband he needed to handle it. I was not. His problem now. I made it clear what we needed/ wanted so he needed to handle things as obviously no one wanted to hear me on this.

    I went over told difficult child 1 I loved her and would see her soon and went to the car. About 5 minutes later husband came out. He mentioned that we needed more announcements and that he would call the person tonight about this.

    Well I guess we are staying up late tonight. Him to make the call and me to egg him on, I mean remind him of what was wrong with the situation.

    Sorry just had to unload this. We had a productive session but darn if we didn't leave mad as hornets. Believe me the person in charge of the facility will get a call from me tomorow about this after husband is done tonight with his.

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    I'm sorry they didn't tell you. You can still get formal announcements done. Just take one of the ones they give you to an invitation store (call your local tuxedo rental, they'll have a list). They will be able to duplicate the announcement and make as many as you need.
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    You know, people have ONE LOUSY job to do, and they can't even get that right. Makes you wonder how they manage to brush their hair.

    I'm sorry you weren't given notice. Hope it gets straightened out.
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    OH husband just got off the phone. If possible I am angrier. If a person is a school liason doesn't that mean she gets the info from the school and shares it with the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) and then we can get it? Nope not what she does. She waits for the kids to tell her something. :grrr:

    Um hello how does that work. I mean really. She kept giving husband the its all difficult children fault and that she didn't know this or that.

    I am spittin mad again. I realize that in most situations that a child would be responsible to get info "home" but hello difficult child here. ARen't there reasons for her being in Residential Treatment Center (RTC)? Aren't there reasons to have a liason? If anyone sees a strange glow coming from the IOwa direction don't worry it is just me.

    Some one dropped the ball. I realize this may not be a major thing in the grand scheme but what else haven't we found out about and why can't I at least enjoy one of the few good things in this childs last few years.

    Oh and to top it off this person tried to say that difficult child 1 had a bad night the rest of the night because I was mad when I left. Well hmmm I HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO BE MAD. I did nothing inappropriate and I wouldn't have been mad if someone else would have done her job.


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    Geez, Beth....try to give your difficult child some normalcy in being part of a peer group graduating & such & then have the adults who are to help blow it apart because of lack of information. :nonono:

    Don't any of these people have email???? At the very least, I've "taught" my team to communicate through email. BECAUSE kt & wm are difficult children - the information (especially the important stuff) won't get to me. It doesn't matter where our difficult children are & how many hours apart they are, this should be a no brainer.

    I'm angry for you - for difficult child. While difficult child should have been on the ball & helped she's at this Residential Treatment Center (RTC) for a reason. GEEZ! :grrr: :crazy2:

    Take some deep breaths.....a hot bath......sip on a glass of wine. Nothing can be accomplished tonight. Sleep & look at this in the morning with a fresh eye.