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Yesterday my stomach started aching terrible (I am pretty good about pain and this was BAD) and I became nauseous. It has lasted all night, and this morning the pain is 100x's worse. I took an OTC acid blocker, and have bought some tums, but I am shaky, feverish cold sweats......not good. i am certain that this is all because I have been taking ibuprofin in an effort to stave off a toothache...........toothache is better, and as soon as I can I am going to the dentist. My ? is:

I know I have severly irritated my stomach with the NSAIDS (?correct term i think?), and now I need to know what foods to avoid, what might help, what I can eat to keep from starving with out irritating it.........that sort of thing. Also, are the otc stomach medications hurting or helping?

I can not afford even a trip to dr insurance, no money (life is going to get better, just having a hard time right now), and I know that it is highly likely I have not done permenant dammage, but I still have to function as keeper of this domain, lol, like we say, I don't have time to be sick.



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Sounds like you might need an antibiotic for the toothache esp. if you are in that much pain. As far as the stomachache, avoid spicy or acidic foods. One otc that I take that really helps more than Tums or Rolaids is a generic called Ranitidine,25mgs. It is an acid reducer. Since I cannot afford Nexium, it's the next best thing for me. You might try that. Hope you feel better soon.


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yep my husband has a stomach flu like thing going on this week too. Glad he didn't share :wink:

probiotic (health food store) helps a lot in either case (from advil or stomach flu) Its expensive but taking one - two vs popping tums etc all day - speaking from experience -comes out to almost be cheaper!

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Pepto Bismol coats the stomach and may help with the pain. Generic pepto will do as well ~ extra strength wil help a little more until your own stomach lining can grow back.

I agree that it was the ibuprofen. Can you switch to a tylenol based medication? (Never take more than the recommended amount of tylenol as it can be toxic to the liver.)

No more, absolutely no more, than 4,000 mgs per 24 hours. (Each dose of extra strength tylenol contains 1,000 mgs.)

Also, 1/2 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water to sip with your meals (I know it sounds awful ~ I put mine in a wine glass!) will make a very nice difference. The vinegar's acidity keys the acid producing pumps in the stomach to stop producing. The vinegar is less acidic than stomach acid so that, all in all, you come out with less acid in your stomach.

It needs to be apple cider vinegar though ~ not white vinegar.

Try the pepto bismol first ~ relief will be almost immediate.

Continue the pepto for awhile after the pain has stopped, to gve the stomach lining a chance to heal.

If you keep the pepto in the fridge, it will not taste so bad.

Have you already tried soaking a cotton ball in hydrogen peroxide and wetting the abcessed area with that? Be careful not to swallow any. Wet the area with the cotton ball and rinse your mouth, being careful to spit it all out ~ don't swallow any.

Prilosec is available over the counter, now. This is a 24 hour acid reducer. The ranitidine someone else mentioned is a good one, too ~ but it gives me a headache.

Hoping you feel better soon.



PS: Just wanted to add that chocolate, sugary foods, ground beef, milk and breads are very strong acid producers for me. I would avoid those foods during this time. Yogurt is fine, apples and rice cakes (and rice) are good, chicken is fine ~ even chili is okay. No meatloaf, meatballs, or hamburgers.

Your food tolerances will be different than mine, but some of those offenders were a big surprise to me when all this started.

Now, I avoid them.