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    Please have good thoughts for my ex and my children. Princess called last night. She and dad work for same company (small locally owned) and she had to drive him home from work. She said he was acting strung out and seemed to be "tripping"/was talking to lawn mowers?????. She called her brothers and then called dad's sister. She met with aunt after dropping dad off and insisted dad be sent to rehab. She is a rock---I am so proud of her. difficult child called and was really upset----he's the most sensitive, but he remained at work, didn't fall completely apart, and I am so proud of him. Talked to her this morning via text and she said dad and his sis were at emergency room and they were running tests. I haven't talked to oldest yet, but I can imagine he will be really angry at dad. Amazing how different they all are!!! Anyway---while I hate to pray that he is actively using, I don't wont there to be something medically wrong either. So, good thoughts for the best outcome and strength for my babies (even if they are 23, 25, and 30!)
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    Prayers for your family, good thoughts, strength and hugs for you and your "babies."
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    I'm so proud of her too. WOW.....what strength that must have taken alone. Keeping you all in my prayers.....daily! Hugs
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    Adding in my prayers for all.
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    You have reason to be proud. She handled that so darn well. Praying.
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    Double Ditto. DDD
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    Prayers and good thoughts for all!
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    You got it, Lady.
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    Prayers sent. THis is NOT a strange request, by the way. It is a very loving and kind request.

    You have raised a very strong, loving and wonderful woman. Even if she is 22, she is both a woman and your baby.

    I am glad that she was able to get her brothers involved, and her aunt involved. I hope that whatever the problem is, they find a solution and he will embrace whatever the treatment is.

    It could be substance abuse but it also could be something medical and it is important to rule the medical out. I hope that whatever is needed can be done and is successful.

    I hope your kids know how lucky they are. Many people I know with divorced parents could not go to the other parent in a situation like this and receive support. It is great that you are willing to pray and give whatever help you can in this situation, even if that is just emotional support to your kids.
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    Hope this results in ex husband getting treated. Your kids are doing well. Princess stepped up to the plate.
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    Prayers for yours, and proud they're handling it so well.