Stress ball trouble! Help!!!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by tiredmommy, Sep 8, 2011.

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    I need to find a latex-free stress ball to send into school with Duckie. I need to find the words "latex-free", "non-latex" or "no latex" in the online description. Her school went latex free due to a few students bad allergies and I'm not certain if her current stock is safe or not. Thanks in advance!
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    My son takes bites out of the stress balls so I switched to a crochet juggling ball/ hackey sack. Works for him.
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    You can check on Not sure but that's where I find our stress balls but haven't ever had to worry about latex so don't know if they are latex free or not.
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    Okay, this may be off the wall. IF you can't find one, search for latex free balloons. I know they have similar material to latex and think that someone somewhere problem makes a latex free balloon other than mylar. If you can find balloons, use a funnel to fillt hem with birdseed or sand, tie a knot and put inside a second balloon. The other option is to get some of the purple nitrile gloves and make a stress ball type thing out of a couple of those. Or some other non-latex glove. There are several kinds. I mention the nitrile ones because they are more puncture resistant, which is one reason that they are at many hospitals and doctor offices and labs.
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    You could also sew up some rice in an old sock to make her one, get her a worry stone or something similar.