Study of the Isolate Way: First Precept


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we see them wasting precious time...but they are not. In so many ways, what they are doing is taking themselves out of time ~ out of our concept of time and its value and purpose.
Cedar, if you are interested look for a book called The Sabbath by Alexander Herschel. You could pick it up used on or for about $4.00. Or maybe it is at your library.

He talks exactly about this in terms of the Jewish Sabbath. About stepping outside of time.


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The other side of that though is the viciousness in much of what the kids say ~ viciousness toward us. Are they responding, not to us, but to the roaring toxicity in the way we see who they are?
It is an essential conflict, what is happening between ourselves and our children, when viewed in this way.
If we look at this in terms of the First Precept, we see "yo yo"
the idea of succession and movement over time
how cultural change is introduced through generations.

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Now, I know we are not talking exclusively about just 'old fashioned' skills in this precept. It is only one facet. But I thought I would start it out on this topic.

I am off topic here, but AppleCori, I think you would really enjoy Michael Pollan's Cooked. Maybe, we all would enjoy it as an adjunct to this thread. The book is about cooking, about how we evolved into human through, about how we view how we cook and what we cook and how we come together around food, and what that means for us now, as we all eat catch as catch can in our new understanding of efficiency and humanness.

It's an incredible book.

Nerfherder, we have missed you.



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Thanks, Cedar

That book looks good.

I ordered it from Amazon just now.

It sounds like some parts I can use with my daughter in homeschooling. She loves anything with bacteria and fungi!

Next year we will be finished, hopefully, with regular history, and I am planning to go in depth into world cultures and geography. This will be a nice addition to that.

My son loved the Omnivore's Dilemma.