Stupid state testing, stupid schools

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by keista, May 22, 2012.

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    Don't know if anyone noticed or not, but I don't' refer to any of my kids as difficult child or easy child. Mostly because all three are both, and I figured going into motherhood that children were, by definition - difficult. That being said, son is being pure difficult child today!

    We had a major crisis of sorts this week with the state writing test results. Apparently the state changed the scoring criteria making the writing test more stringent, but they didn't adequately communicate these criteria to teachers and students. This resulted in a passing rate of 22-38% depending on the grade level (only given in grades 4, 8 and 10) Normal passing score is a 4. The state ended up lowering it to a 3 which allowed for 80% of the students to pass.

    Well, as incentive for the test, son's HS announced that those getting a 4.0 or higher would get to partake in a pizza party and if anyone got a 6.0 (highest score) they would get a kindle fire. So, in son's mind, he already had a kindle fire before even taking the test.

    Needless to say, son got his score today and he got a 4! YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!! I'm all like :choir: and :hi5: and:hapydancsmil:

    Son? he's all like :rollingpin: and :people_crybaby: and :censored2: because he didn't get the kindle fire and because it's so late in the year that the pizza party will be held next year. I'm just thankful they told him during the last period of the day or his whole day would have been shot.

    I've managed to calm him down and point out how awesome it is that he passed via the original requirement. Doesn't hurt that I'm making him his favorite for dinner. :sigh:
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    <having deleted what I typed 3x now, I guess I'm not going to say much...>
    Glad it was the last period of the day, too...
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    Yeah, school isn't at the top of my favorite list right now either.

    I wish the schools wouldn't pressure the kids so much. Actually the tests don't affect the kids at all (there are a few states that have a test to pass high school, but I don't think that is what is going on here). After I figured out that it wasn't actually a test of me but a test of how well the school taught it took a lot of pressure off me. My scores actually went up.
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    So is the test too hard, or are the students that bad at writing? It's kind of scary that the state lowered the standards like that. I don't know anything about it...
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    Liahona, this is just one of the many tests the state of FL uses to decide if kids get promoted or ultimately pass HS. They also use these tests to grade the schools and award additional funds to the schools.

    I just really hate the incentives the schools dangle. Son always gets so wrapped up in the prize, and no amount of talking him through keeps him from loosing it when he doesn't get it.
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    I think it's a combination. A teacher friend of mine just told me that they added more weight to spelling and grammar this year. Apparently they don't teach this like they used. Scary really.