Such a mixed bag....


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A little while ago I felt really good because I had a good conversation with my son on the phone....he shared a little bit sbout how he is doing and I was able to just be an understanding and loving mom. It gave me real hope that our relationship is healing and maybe one day we will have a close relationship.

A little while later I saw a post on FB that said I don't care If the glass is half full or half empty as long as it's a glass of whiskey. Ugh. I didn't respond as I don't think anything I say will help. We are helping him out a bit financially so that he can keep his job which is really good for him but darn it I don't want to enable him either.

And yet he is doing much better with the situation he is in than he has in the past and that is good. He is keeping his job. He has a place to live. He is not suicidal....but gosh I hate those posts on FB....they worry me and there really is nothing I can do or say about them.


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I get that TL. My daughter use to say much the same on fb and it drove me crazy. He has a job and must be doing well since he's kept it. And he's handled the breakup with the girlfriend better than expected.


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That Fb message may tell you just that he has juvenile sense of humour and he wants to portray certain image to his friends. Remember that you are likely not a target audience for his Fb.

Though I have to admit that I do find that quote funny and there are days than I could wholeheartedly agree with it in so many levels (from practical to deeply philosophical) - even if for one reason or another drinking whisky would not be on my to do-list for that day (or week, or month.) But yes, I do have a juvenile sense of humour at times.

Fb is always about broadcasting, it is not personal diary. The thing we want to broadcast and thing we think or do may not always be the same. Concentrate on his actions, not his words, actions will tell you the truth.


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I agree with SuZir. If you see all of his FB posts then this is more than likely juvenile humor. The reason I mentioned my son's FB post was because we hadn't seen a post for days then that one popped up. In other words, he unblocked us just for that post. That was all about shock value. If you see posts from him all the time I wouldn't worry too much about this one. Remember, image is much more important to the younger crowd.


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Thanks everyone. Yes this post is totally in line with his humor. He recently made a joke about smoking crack but that one I didn't take seriously because I am pretty sure he is not smoking crack. And yes I have to keep in mind he is keeping this job and he is handling this break up better than the past....and my role is to just give him love and acceptance,


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TL, just catching up with this thread. It brought to mind gig's recent post on FB, the last one he has posted. It was about powdered alcohol which recently had some legislation around it, banning it in our state, I believe. Ugh.

The good thing about my seeing that is to throw some cold water on my face. difficult child is doing much, much better as you can see from my signature...amazing progress, really...and I can start to get real invested in what he is doing right now, hoping for more and more.

I must remember that he is a work in progress, like I am. I like all of the posts people made about this topic---they helped me---on this thread.

Sometimes when I'm really ginned up about something, I can post on FB and then feel sorry I did it later. Maybe they do, too.

Who knows? Hope you are having a good week.


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Seriously, unless there was an accompanying picture of him drunk as a skunk, he was probably just making a joke. Alcohol is an easy target for joking around. I don't even drink and I've been known to make alcohol jokes.

Sounds like he's doing really well!!!! I like the ole cliche "Actions speak louder than words."