Suggestions for Jess?

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    Jess is starting to deal with the PTSD. We have seen signs lately that she is ready. Well, I have and my mom has. Things are coming up in her mind relating to the abuse from difficult child.

    She also has horrible stomach problems around her period. Gluten free/casein free was tried 3 years ago and did not help her. I do know that when her diet is high in fat the stomach problems are dramatically worse.

    She also had a bowel impaction problem that started 12/22 last year. It took a month to get the diagnosis, and over a week to clear it out - including a hospital stay overnight.

    I am trying to teach her to eat a high fiber diet, but she is somewhat resistant.

    All help will be appreciated!!!

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    Haven't seen you around in a bit! Good to see ya back. I don't have much advice on the PTSD front, but you guys are in my prayers. Poor thing. As far as fiber, yeah, no kid wants to eat a diet that is high in wicker and tree bark. Tink had awful constipation when she was little. I used to sneak Metamucil into her drinks, and more recently, Fibersure into food. This was per doctor's approval, since she refused to drink prune juice (can you blame her?) Anyways, I never used it as a laxative, but rather to keep her regulated, and it seemed to work pretty well. As far as other food full of fiber, I could always count on her eating at least some fruits, but veggies were (and still are) on her black list.

    We must get creative, mustn't we? Is mustn't a word? Good luck, hon.
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    I hate veggies too. Tink has my sympathies. Jess is fine with benefiber, even with miralax. I hate it, but she has no problems with it.

    I sneak fiber into everything. I even made the muffin tops with milled flax to add fiber AND omega 3 rich flax oil. It is supposed to be great for period problems. And many other problems. Jess is a pretty easy going eater. She LIKES many things.

    I don't know if mustn't is or isn't a word. if not, then we should make it one!

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    My easy child had lots of stomach problems growing up. One thing that seems to help her was drinking lots of water. Lots means the recommended amount for her (I think 48 - 64 oz per day?) I can not remember - you don't want to overdo water but most people do not get the recommended amount. When easy child was 13 - 14 yrs old, she could tell if she didn't get enough water the day before. Ask her doctor what is recommended.

    Waterbottles filled with ice and water. Ask the school to allow her to carry water bottles to classes (my difficult child son has permission to carry Gaterade or water through the day since it has been prescribed by peds neurologist to prevent migranes).

    Different people like different temperature of water. I need mine icy cold or can not drink it.
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    I should also mention, we did put easy child on birth control because her cramping were becoming unbearable. She would just freeze with no warning at any time during the period. The hardest was last year while she and a group of friends were at our home getting ready for a prom type event.

    I really truly believe that her stress manifested itself in stomachaches.
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    Vitamin B complex supplements are very helpful for PMS/cramps etc., as well as stress related disorders. Benefiber is a great fiber additive that can be added to anything because it dissolves completely and is not gritty or detectible.