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    Can the school require a student with an IEP to take summer school and pay $150 for this priviledge? I had 2 worried middle school parents call me last night after receiving report cards that had this note attached, saying one F on a sememester in any subject gets automatic summer school or they fail the grade. Both of these parents had children with IEP's. How can middle school get away with stuff like this and in our elementary we are forced NEVER to retain and we ask or strongly suggest PLEASE send them to summer school? Lisa
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    they can't they have to offer esy and they should also recovene the iep and see why these kids are failing and if there are adjustments in the iep to learn. remember its free fape
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    Extended School Year and Summer School are not the same. ESY must be in the IEP. Student's with IEP's can be retained.

    Parent's need to be proactive in these type situations. Review the IEP -- is the child subject to the standard retention policy? If yes, I'd call an IEP meeting and include goals aimed at keeping the student on grade level using the State's Essential Skills criteria to require my child be educated.

    IEP Students are subject to the same costs that all other/mainstreamed students are normally subject to. For instance, if there is a transportation fee for busing, if mainstreamed student's are required to purchase school supplies, etc., typically an IEP student is also. In a case like this, I'd try to include having the cost of any summer school waived.

    Student's with IEPs receive the same parent notifications regarding grades as mainstreamed student's parents received unless otherwise stated in the IEP. Something else parents need to give consideration to when in IEP meetings to circumvent these type "surprises" -- what system will be put in place to monitor classroom grades?
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    This info may be of interest also:

    6. If the child target for retention has an IEP, the parents should have a serious discussion with members of their child's IEP team.

    "If my child's IEP was appropriate, why did it not prepare my child for what the school requires my child to know?"

    "We need to amend the IEP to add the specialized instruction that is necessary for my child to participate in the general curriculum with her peers. She needs 1-1 tutoring with a research-based reading method this summer. We need to add 1:1 tutoring in a research-based reading method to her IEP for the next school year.

    It's from . There may be other info on that page to help.
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    Just wanted to add this.....FAPE does NOT mean that families don't have to pay regularly assessed fees.

    Students who have IEPs are subject to the same, regular fees (registration, graduation, PE, etc.) that any other student in the district is assessed. If a "fee" is attached to summer school for ALL summer schoolstudents, then the fee is applicable.