Sunny Florida, husband and I had breakfast together today! Pool party at my house on Sunday ~ bring your suits!!!


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It was wonderful! Sunny is every bit as warm and funny (and wise) as she seems to be, in her postings.

We are planning a tentative meet on Sunday for lunch at my house.

Anyone up for vicarious lunch at my house on Sunday? Temps will be in the 80s. We can all loll around the pool and visit and feel wonderful about ourselves for a couple of hours. :smile:

Really, we had such a nice time at our breakdast this morning.

I wish we COULD all meet somewhere and loll around togeher for a little while.

I felt as if I had known Sunny forever.




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How wonderful that you could meet up. Knowing you two, I'll bet it was a hoot- I'm sorry I missed it! :grin:

Suz :princess:


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So, Suz ~ does that mean you will be attending vicariously on Sunday??? :laugh:

I am thinking of serving something exotic and tropical in frosted glasses with those little umbrellas in them.

And maybe something sticking out of the glass with cherries and pieces of pineapple on it, too.

And chocolate.

Lots and lots of chocolate.... :cool:



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Warm temps? A pool party?
Breakfast? Great cd members?
Drinks with umbrellas???

You have to ask????
Of course I'll be there!!!


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Is Raoul there? husband keeps asking me what I am doing here in So Cal during the day when he is in his class, and if Raoul has shown up at the pool yet. :wink: So far, not yet! Is he busy with you guys in Fla at brunch?


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:rofl: Vicarious! Vicarious!! :rofl:

Barbara, do you remember the thread about the episode of Grey's Anatomy? With the unndies on the bulletin board? And your remark kept a vicarious pair of unndies in your purse....

I laughed so hard at that. I even told my husband about it. Now, whenever I hear the word "Vicarious" I just crack up!

So yes, of course I wil vicariously join you for brekky! I'll be snickering the whole time. I'll bring the Vicarious Suntan Oil! :rofl:



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Mes queridos,

Don't know vicarious mean?

Raoul, he be with Witzend tomorrow at pool then be with ladies in Florida Sunday but ladies need keep Barbara away from Raoul. She scare him! She trap him before and no let go. Raoul love Barbara as he love all his ladies here but Raoul happy Barbara's husband there so Raoul can be with other ladies too.



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Ah, Raoul! :smile:

So glad you will be here with us too! That time I accidentally locked you in my room and then, accidentally had those iron bars installed on the windows?

My bad, Raoul.

That was my bad.




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I "almost" made the trip with Sunny. I just couldn't figure
out how to abandon my family for a few days. Geez, I would
have loved heading South again. DDD


call 911

What a class act!!!! Please accept my RSVP for the pool party. Thank you for the invite to the first party of the year!

Gosh wouldn't it be fun if we really COULD? Somewhere? Cheap?

Thanks SOS!


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I met Sunny, too. She sure does get around. :grin:

We may just have to appoint her the CD board social director.



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I'm here, a pale lifeless thing having escaped the ravages of a northern winter. (Okay, so this year is mild, but it's not like Florida!) I'm the one laying on a lounger with shades, being fed grapes by Raoul.
He is so kind! :smile:


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...huh???'s Saturday. Your invitation was for Sunday. :confused: Have you girls been into the Bloody Marys and Mimosas already this morning and lost track? :smirk:

Suz :princess:

(PS Raoul loves my tutu. He told me. :cool:)


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That's why we are having a vicarious party, Suz!


And not only that?

But I think we will move the pool to the beach.


That's better.

(TM? You are starting to look much better, already! Who knew grapes could be so good for us?!?)

So, that's frosted glasses filled with exotic concoctions made from coconut and topped with those little umbrellas, trays and trays of Godiva chocolate ~ and for those of us here already, a hearty and delicious breakfast, served poolside.

The coffee has chicory in it, ladies.

And lots of real cream and sugar.

Like they do in New Orleans.

And off in the distance somewhere? There is a gypsy violinist.


Now, where IS that Sunny Florida?


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Marg's Man here

Of course it's Sunday - here. How you move that party from your pool to our beach?
Think of it...
White sand; the smell of gum trees; the barbecue that bloke up the beach has going

Not that I want to tempt you...

"The world cannot end today because it already tomorrow in Australia!"

"Why am I in this D*** office when it is 27 degrees and sunny outside (that's about 80 degrees to you). Get out of here - Now!"

Marg's Man


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OK, Marg here. It's now late afternoon. I got fed up waiting to get my computer back from husband and headed for the beach! The water temp (19 C) was a bit too cool for me to swim (I'm a wuss), but I did wade around for a bit, collecting shells. Then my friend & I (difficult child 3's godmother) lay on our towels and discussed movies, parents and the latest research on the Turin Shroud.

husband is in the kitchen cooking up a quick chicken curry with coconut cream. If we have any coconut cream left over, do you want it for your pina coladas? I've got some fresh pineapple somewhere in the fridge, too, and some Jamaican rum he got given when he was driving the Jamaican team during the Sydney 2000 Olympics...

I still have to go and wash the sand off. Can I borrow Raoul to rub some aloe vera gel into my shoulders? Just to make sure I don't lose any of this tan...

Isn't this fun?


PS Blast! husband says we're out of Jamaican rum. I think we've got some cheap stuff at the back of the bar.