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    Many of you know that difficult child 1 does not like being touched, especially by people he doesn't know or trust. Well, difficult child 2 is in the community play Arsenic and Old Lace this year and they need someone to play a couple dead bodies (two different ones at 2 different times). difficult child 2 asked the director, someone the boys have known most of their lives, if they wanted difficult child 1 to do it. The director thought he'd be the perfect size (EASY to carry) so now difficult child 1 is in the play and will have 3 different people lifting him and carrying him across the stage .... in slow motion. How's THAT for jumping into the fire so to speak?!? This should be interesting.
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    Ohhhhhh WOW!!!! I LOVE that play!!!! It's one of my all time favs! :)

    Good for him!!! I hope he's able to make an awesome corpse. LOL
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    As I was taking him to his first rehearsal.....alone (difficult child 2 wasn't in the act they practiced today) he commented about how he "feels funny inside". I told him that was his nervousness and that it was normal and that I'm proud of him for trying something hard. As he got out of the vehicle, he said "so I'm nervous?". Yup, that's what it's called. YEAH!! Another feeling appropriately named!

    He came home from rehearsal and was soooo excited. He told about how the different guys moved him and how they were going to have him get where he's supposed to be without being seen and without having to wait in a big box through the whole first act.

    I am sooooo proud of him. He allowed strangers to touch him, he went into a new situation without difficult child 2 or me for security, AND he named a new feeling. What a night!!
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    Great job!
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    So proud of all he did and you must feel proud of yourself too....after all you guys have come through, to have him on such an upswing is wonderful. He felt confident enough to take on this activity??? Amazing.
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    Awesome!!! So proud of him and thrilled for you!!!!