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    anyone heard of any linkage between synagis the rsv vaccine and autism.

    Eric received the vaccine before he was discharged from the NICU, his pediatrician who I now realize was completely incompetent, said he couldnt get the vaccine and couldnt refer me to another doctor that could, although Eric was born preemie at 33 weeks gestation and he had respiratory issues more or less since 2 months of age. I would think that he couldve tried to get the vaccine with prior-authorization for Eric. Also does anyone know what a HAD diagnosis is? I was looking through his documentation and even though at 4 months he documented Eric had tachycardia from the albuterol the office wouldnt get the prior auth for xopenex which didnt have the same reaction. I am so disappointed with that office.

    Has anyone heard anything or what is your opinion.
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    sorry--I have no earthly idea. Just wanted to say I hope you find the info you need; you are smart for wanting to get as much info as you can.