Synvisc, Anyone?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Dec 13, 2012.

  1. susiestar

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    husband and I went to the city yesterday because he had to give a final and we wanted to run some errands. One was picking up my rx's, and I needed to talk to the scheduler. I had just been approved to get Synvisc in one knee!! they ae only doing one knee to see if it will work or notl. Probably my left, because it causes more pain, but that is up to the doctor.

    I get my first shot on 12/26!!! I am SO SO SO SO excited!!

    I know that some have had these done. Did you have to do anything special before hand, like not eating, etc...? What happens after the shot? How painful is it?

  2. KTMom91

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    I didn't have to do anything special beforehand, and it didn't hurt that badly, as I remember.

    Glad you got approved...hope it works well for you!
  3. susiestar

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    I got a call just before I went to run an errand today and was approved for the other knee as well, so that will start the week after the first knee ends!
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    I dont know why they wouldnt do them at the same time, they arent something that would put you out of commission. I started mine on my knees the week after I had arthroscopic surgery. They look horrible but really arent bad at all. I just wouldnt watch to see the needle. That is the worst part...seeing what they are going to use on you. LOL.

    Cory went with me one time and they almost had to revive him while I just sat there barely noticing. With my doctor he doesnt even believe in doing any type of numbing shot first because the shot to numb it hurts just as bad going in and it takes two needles when you might as well just do the one and get it over with. I agree with him. Ive had it done 3 times in each knee and if it continued to help me out for at least 6+ months I would still be doing them. For me, the worst one painwise was the 5th shot because you have to go for 5 weeks and after you have that much build up it does get a bit tight in there but still it is not bad at all. Nothing worse than a shot in the butt at the ER.
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    My dad swore by them until his knees got just terrible. Hope it works well for you!
    He called it his chicken combs. lol
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    Shari that is what I call We asked if we could get a discount if we brought them the chicken combs we cut off every