T Attempting to Move Forward Again

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T has been miserable every since he quit the wallie world job on impulse and without notice. That was back in Jan.

He is bored out of his mind. There isn't alot to do around here, and God forbid he do much to help out around the house. Although, I do use the "do you wanna eat?" playing card alot to get him to do what little he will.

He's tried to get another job. But with the Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) it's almost impossible to get thru the interview process. With the vision disability and brain damage he has trouble filling out applications by himself. (I just now managed to get the latter thru his head) He's had absolutely no nibbles.

I've been telling him to go back to the agency here that helps disabled people find work for months. (they helped him get hired at wallie world) FINALLY, on his OWN, he calls his sw there and asks if she can help him again. He had an appointment with her yeaterday.

It will take about a month to get all of the paperwork lined up to reopen his file. He'll be assigned another sw who specializes with the blind.

So finally he takes a step on his own without me pushing. (I swear all I did was suggest when he'd complain lol)

But honestly, I don't know if this is going to pan out for him. :frown:

T hasn't been able to see a doctor in almost 2 yrs, since our insurance dropped him. He's been off seizure medications and out of treatment for the polycythemia all that time. Just no way husband and I can put the money out for that. And T couldn't qualify for medicaid.

I know he's been having occasional seizures. There is also evidence of strokes caused by the polycythemia (thick blood). We first noticed the facial droop about 18 mos ago. It's even worse now. He can barely keep his glasses balanced on his face. And his vision is worse.

I'm going to let him try this with the agency. Once my clinicals for school are over the beginning of July and I can scrounge up the small fortune for the neuro and opthomologist, I think the time has come to start the SSI disability process. I don't like the idea. But if nothing else this boy has GOT to have insurance!

T's neuro already said he'd back us up 100%. I don't doubt eye doctor will too.

There are times when being poor feels like a curse. If I could afford the docs and treatment T would be seen. When T was working he refused to spend his money on that sort of thing. Ugh Now that his condition is deteriorating rapidly he's starting to see how important it was and is.

Lord, I hope so.


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my ex got the social security disability. he gets health care as well. I helped fill out the papers for him 7 yrs ago. it is a lot of paperwork but it went as well as it could. try to get it for your son.
good luck.


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Lisa...call medicaid and see if T cant get it on being disabled. I think his conditions may...dont hold me to this...but they should, qualify him at least on the vision alone. If he could just get the medicaid so he could get to the doctors even before you decide on whether to file for full blown disability, it would be a plus. You need to have ongoing medical care backing up the disability case.

I really really think he can get medicaid for the disabled.

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Thanks. I didn't really think of that. :hammer: School is taking most of my brain power these days. lmao We'll give it a try. All they can do is tell him no again.