Teaching self-soothing

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Free Kittens, Aug 3, 2011.

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    Hi All

    Beanz has had a better 2 days. Home therapist is going to set up a behavior chart with us tomorrow.

    Teaching self-soothing is something that I'm just not thinking about in the midst of it all, but need to. So,

    I thought I'd ask you all your favorite tips? I'll start....

    Lightly tickling her arm when she is crying HARD.
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    Hey! I have to tell you...I love it that you call her "Beanz" that's what my nickname is for difficult child 3! lol!

    Has anyone suggested occupational therapy for her? The reason I ask is that they can teach you a "brushing" technique...it's done in a certain pattern and when done a few times a day, helps any sensory or overstimulation issues. difficult child 2 had a brushing protocol and did a WORLD of good for him.

  3. Free Kittens

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    Hi Beth

    I know very little about the sensory disorders. Beanz does have Occupational Therapist (OT) at school. Not sure how much or helpful as the position stayed open most of the year. What is a brushing protocol?

    Anyone know of a very basic website for sensory disorders?

    Free Kittens
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    I've noticed that just running my hand over J's head - the very top, nowhere else - calms him.

    The back, for O. But these are just things I do anyway.
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    difficult child 2 loves "Bob" a huge quilt that he wraps up in. He will also chew on plastic.
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    Hi All


    Free Kittens