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    I am so proud of my child. According to dr, he did so good throughout the testing. He didnt ask too many questions on the way to apt so he had no idea how long we would need to be there. He got a few breaks and a break for lunch. She suggested not asking about what he is doing with her so I didnt, I did ask a few questions on the way home and he said he forgot. He also asked if she was going to help him with his anger issues, I answered by saying we hope so and that is what all those activities were for. At one point she came out to have me fill out the release paperwork and I asked if she was "seeing anything" and she said yes. I know what that means but not sure how I feel about it. She knew he was going to be a easy child in there, I told her that his behavior mainly happens with us and mostly at home, so she wasnt expecting any behavior problems from him.

    I asked about how long do we have to wait for the "results" and she said just a week, she started scoring everything during lunch and would have it done soon. husband and I go back next wednesday for a verbal results discussion, she will follow up with pedi, social worker and us with a written report after the discussion. I can and cant wait until next wednesday.

    When we got home, he was rewarded with an italian ice (his favorite) and we went out to dinner. my other child was with my parents, figured a little separation was needed for both kids. WHen we got there he started saying he didnt feel good and he was sweating, back home we go. He threw up all night and had a 101 fever. I felt horrible. thank god all that didnt start at the dr's.

    hope all is going good with everyone. I will try and repost once I get results. << scared >>
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    Aw, poor kid. I am happy for you that the testing is done. I'm patiently waiting for our appointment in November, with results in December (I made the appointment in April). Can't wait to hear what you find out.
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    Amy -

    The only thing worse than knowing, is not knowing.

    Not to say that the wait isn't stressful!

    The results do not change the reality of what you are dealing with. diagnosis just provides a stronger starting place in seeking solutions.

    Hang in there!