Thank you all for your prayers

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by tpcmom, Jun 27, 2007.

  1. tpcmom

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    I will just try and keep this brief as possible, Ihave an psychiatrist appointment for my other son.

    2 of the major major charges were dropped. Thank God. attmpted mur and consipiracy to commit. He still has aggr. assault and burglary. But both the guys there one said he didn't remember anything another said he didn't even know my son, also that they were not under the influence, well when the hospital. tox comes back they will see it was a lie.

    So we go back again in July. What a day, I'm so glad today is over. I want you all to know that my prayers are being heard. I did a novena for him and left it in God's hands, I do believe he is watching over him. So we shall see. I just wanted to thank you all for your prayers, I know they were heard. I feel it in my heart!

    Janet, I'll PM you with my work number, it is an 800 number but I don't know it off the top of my head, so it's a free call or you can send me your's. I appreciate it, would love to talk to you as I know what you've been thru. I always said my son reminded me of your son. How lives paths cross!

    I will try and update more tomorrow, but wanted to give a quick thank you to all of you who have prayed for me and my son. I feel some relief but still know that the road is going to still be rocky ahead of me. I'm so glad today is over with, really. I haven't even eaten anything yet, trying to quit even have the patches but I must have smoked 15 cigs already. What a mess I am.
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    Does anyone know a good place to put my bi-polar, defiant, drug using, alcohol drinking, risky sex having, running away 15 tear old girl? I am all out of options at the end of my rope and at the end of my money.
  3. Sunlight

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    I am so glad things came out better than expected! what a relief. I know they have to learn from their actions, but it seems we also have to take a beating too!
  4. Big Bad Kitty

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    The power of prayer. I am so pleased.
  5. LittleDudesMom

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    I'm glad you felt our prayers and that today is over. Get some sleep and eat something. You can update us once your rest a little.

  6. Sunlight

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    by the way if your son reminds you of mine....perhaps one day he will be working, drug free and making a life somehow on his ant is (for now)
  7. tpcmom

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    LOL, yes Janet that would be nice. It's just some of the things Ant has done and said that made me think of my son.

    I'm still really exhausted, and I have to leave early to take my other son to the dr. It never ends.

    One of the things that happened yesterday is one of the guys really lied, told them he didn't know my son, never met him. Yet he's been in his place many times. I'm trying to see if any of these so-called friends would be a witness to that, that would disprove the burglary. And I just don't get what he thinks he is getting out of this, he wasn't the one involved in the fight, only in his apt. Why would you lie, especially after being sworn in??? Also other guy said he wasn't under the influence, well I know for sure he most likely was, he always is. And I hope that the lawyer gets a tox screen back from the hospital because you know they would have to do one, so in case they are on something and are asking for pain medications, this way they don't od them. It's just such a long drawn out joke, and I'm paying for it every day. I'm so sick of it, and tired, so tired. I can't stand how tired I always am, even if I sleep ok, I'm still tired????
  8. Sunlight

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    the tired is problem depression.
    the truth will come out in the always does.
    be good to you.