thanks for the warm welcome guys!


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I feel truly needed once again after having suffered the last two months with no job.....ya'll know I am the LAID OFF insurance nurse.
Anyway one thing just want to add is that I am now doing real estate, so may not always get to the site every single day, but will try. However feel free to email me if you have a really urgent issue. I will be checking that frequently I promise.
Also please know I don't know it all, that's for sure. But having worked with HMO's, PPO's and and indemnity plan,as well as a third party administrator who did it all, I feel pretty comfortable with most questions. May need to ask you a few questions cuz many depend on exactly what type coverage you have, so am not trying to be super nosey, just the more info I have on your coveage the better able I'll be able to try to help!!!! BLUE