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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    As promised in my Whale of a Tale thread, here are the photos from yesterday's sojourn at sea. :D

    We saw common dolphins, blue whales, fin whales, and sea lions! The blues and fins are hard to tell apart except for the pointy little dorsal fin that eventually comes out of the water with the fin whales. To see one of these majestic creatures roll out of the depths to take a breath of air is truly amazing. They are SO massive, and you really do not get to see enough of them when they surface for air -- but we were told that the blues are typically 20-40 feet longer than the 60 foot boat we were on!

    Later this year the grey whales will be migrating through our area on their journey to Baja California to calve. Then they turn around in March and head for Alaska. I hope to take this boat trip again to see these behemoths, too!

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    Absolutely beautiful! I love whales (I sort of resemble one on 2 legs lol!!!). I can't imagine living so close to such a picturesque area!

    You suffered great pain for those pictures! I'm so glad that you shared them!

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    Sweet! Great pics!
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    Very cool!
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    I can not believe how huge HUGE they are even in the pictures and from the distance you were from them...absolutely incredible! The seals were awesome...all on that one buoy, just hanging out, sunning - having a relaxing, yawn of a day. Thanks so much for the much anticipated pictures. You did not disappoint!! Makes me wish I were there. I was so glad to see the boat respected the whales space. After that debacle in -think it was Australia (not sure) where the whale crashed the couples yacht? I'm glad everyone is giving them their privacy. GO SEA SHEPHERD!
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    Beautiful pictures !
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    How amazing!!! I want to go back to Vancouver someday and there are similar tours you can go on. I also have a particular bay on my Bucket LIst to see. It's in Australia (Monkey Bay??? Marg will know) and wild dolphins swim near shore. That would be so incredible to be that close to such majestic creatures!!! I'm jealous!
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    Neat! Thank you!