The Age of Love--last night?


I was exercising last night (finally) and had the tv on and started watching a really lame show, I think it was called The Age of Love. I actually watched most of the 2 hours it was on--did anyone else watch? There is a bachelor who has to choose between some 40ish women and 20ish women. He is pretty good looking but seems dumb and uninteresting and the women seem ditzy. Well, what would I expect, given the premise of the whole show. At least it kept me going with my exercise though!


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I saw a preview of the show and thought DUH! The 40 year old that I saw was just about as mature as my adult GFGmom. The premise of the competition itself sure is based on life in the superficial lane, isn't it? LOL DDD


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You guys are coming in close to the end, not the beginning by a long shot.

I don't know about you, Jane, but D3 needs to stop watching dating shows altogether. I think she is still traumatized by The Bachelor. :rofl:

Basically, we have a superficial guy who is supposed to "choose" between experienced (40+) and inexperienced (20-30) women. I think there were about 10 of each when the show began.

There's no way on earth we can figure out who has an edge on it because they try to cover way too much in too short of a time. The editing has reduced the women to cliches....we have THE HIPPIE, THE SINCERE CRIER, THE YOUNG MATURE GAL, THE MATURE YOUNG GAL. :hammer:

I don't hold out much hope for any of the relationships. lol