The bug is going down.....

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by timer lady, Apr 7, 2009.

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    I rec'd a call from wm's foster mum this morning......ick

    kt & one of her "friends" from day treatment decided to conference call wm. They were totally inappropriate in their conversation. kt especially given this is her twin brother.

    The bug is being smashed as of this afternoon.

    She's being told even as we speak that for a period of time kt isn't welcome at foster mum's house - even to visit wm. AND kt has always wanted foster mum's approval so I'm to pass along that she is very disappointed in kt.

    kt is losing phone priviledges.....

    She & her friend at day treatment are on the "hit" list as well. They have been acting out inappropriately (i.e. very sexually); they have secret speak, if you will, & cannot be caught as to what they are communicating to one another but they apparently are having great fun in keeping staff going.

    They have been separated & both are refusing to do the contracts that have been given to them to finish because of their behaivors.

    Looks like a fun afternoon. We're touring the facility that kt will be going to for treatment. Maybe I'll just leave her there & leave.
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    I'm sorry you have your hands so full. I tend to think she needs VERY specialized treatment- more than any day program or typical Residential Treatment Center (RTC) can give her. in my humble opinion, behavior mod alone is not going to help her long term.
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    klmno, I agree however Residential Treatment Center (RTC) is the best I've got for now & it's primarily to get kt's medications back on track. psychiatrist wants a good 30-45 days to complete this.

    He's not trashing everything ~ he'll be tweaking. While that goes on there will be very specific attachment & PTSD therapies going on; very intensive therapies.

    ktbug & wm have just had too much to endure in their young lives - I'm don't feel pity. More anger & frustration that the damage done may not be reversed.

    Thanks, lady. Hope you get your CM situation straightened out.
  4. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!


    Well, I guess at least the staff is on top of the situation and intervening. It's all part and parcel of KT's issues which hopefully will be helped by her continued treatment.

    I can appreciate your frustration. It's another thing for your "NOT FAIR" list and I'm sorry you are shouldered with having to accept this on top of everything else.

    by the way, how did wm handle the phone call?