The explosive child

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    Finally got it today. Was unsure if it would help so while in the book store I read the first couple of pages - yep thats what I deal with so I went ahead and got it. Geez I hope it helps me understand him a little more.
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    Oh, I wish I could go buy that book right now, but I'm broke! I am on the waitlist at our public library and am up to #1 in line so hopefully it won't be much longer!! Enjoy your reading!
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    Enjoy the read! If anything, it reminds you that you're not alone and it gives you a better sense of where our G'sFG are coming from. It just FEELS better to know that they don't mean to do the things they do and say the things they say.
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    I found it was a wonderful idea to read a few pages before buying on parenting books. A very good strategy.
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    The book is basically written for all ages. Dr. Greene also has another book called "Treating Explosive Kids the collaborative problem solving approach" which is more of the same but supposedly geared towards the clinician. At least thats what difficult child's clinician at the hospital told me and he also told me it might be too in depth for me. Of course that made me go right out and buy the book. I thought it was a pretty easy read and a lot of the scenerios used involves teens. We try using it with my difficult child but it doesn't work too well with her. Can't get to the first step without her losing her temper...I keep hoping that we can get her to be able benefit from it because it would be great if she could become even a tad more flexible.
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    Sandman, while you're waiting have a look at the discussion on this book in Early Childhood.

    And I endorse the statement that this method works for all ages - I consider our education system to be autistic (perseverative, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), poor social skills, difficulty in communicating effectively, a need for sameness, problems task changing), and I use the same techniques when dealing with officials. It works!