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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by wakeupcall, May 10, 2007.

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    in a long, long time someone said something nice about my little boy. It felt soooooooooo good. We went to his transition ARD this morning (into intermediate school next year) and the admin. of this new school he started two months ago (social development) couldn't say enough nice things about him. MY BOY!!! I was so excited I almost cried. This social development class has been a god-send and I only wish he'd been in these classes years ago. If so, he likely wouldn't be in the position he's in now. Nonetheless, they were complimentary and to the point about how we need to progress and get him the proper help in the intermediate school. Thanks for letting me brag a littl. I don't get to do that very often.
  2. Crazy-Steph

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    What part of Texas are you in? My son is in intermediate school this year, and nobody has said anything about social development classes.
  3. Hound dog

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    Brag on proud Mamma!!! :bravo:

    It's wonderful when we get to hear praise for our difficult children. I'm glad you have a school that is willing to work with difficult child. That is so terrific for him.

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    Brag...brag...brag. Sadly we get it...hold onto those moments. I'll cry for proud!! If only everyone could see them for their strengths and joys and blessings...but we do!
  5. wakeupcall

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    Crazy-Steph, we live in the Houston area. The other little towns we've lived in in the past, I'm sure, had no such thing as Social Development Class. It's a self-contained classroom where they focus a LOT on their behavior, not just academics. It's been wonderful and he's only been in this school for a little less than two months. His previous elementary campus didn't have such a class, so we (reluctantly, because we doubted how good it was) moved him from that campus to this one. I can't say enough nice things about it. It's making me realize now that a lot of difficult child's LOW self-esteem was brought on by the teachers there and especially the administration. They had (figuratively) beat him down so much that he felt worthless. He was in the principal's office three times a week. I guess they didn't know what to do with him...I dunno. But the school he's in now realizes that some of the things these children get into trouble for just doesn't matter in the scheme of things. No biggie. His current teacher says the biggest thing he's working on with him is to teach him to give other people "space". His academics are improving (but his academics never were bad to begin with) and his attitude is improving along with it. I will NOT say he's all better, but at least I'm beginning to think we're making a little progress. (I hope I don't have to eat those words.) I just pray that this SD class in the intermediate school next year will be as helpful and that he won't be ridiculed now that it's intermediate school. Children can be soooo cruel. EVERY school district should have these types of classes, somewhere. The class he's in now has three teachers and six students. Lots of one-on-one and that's exactly what my son needed.
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    that is awesome!! you should brag.

    i wish we had something like that social dev class here also. well i should say i wish they had it for the elem kids they only have a middle school/high school program.
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    Way To Go, Pamela! That is so great. It validates all your hard work, plus, you DO have a great kid!

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    This had to be a salve to your mom's heart! I'm so glad that you've heard positives. Way To Go difficult child
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    Aw, this brought a big smile to my face! I'm so happy for you~it feels so good.
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    :bravo: Brag Away :bravo:

    Proud mommy molment! Social development class sounds like something my difficult child could use as well.

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    Brag all you want-it is great when we hear something positive about our difficult children- :bravo: :princess: :bravo:
  12. wakeupcall

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    Well, it sure is helping....I can see him stop and think now and then. And sometimes I can ask him what was a more appropriate thing to say and he actually will answer me!! I wish there was a way for all schools to have a classroom like this as well as special education! My son needs very little academic Special Education, but his behavior was really getting in the way of him making progress.
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    Big ups! You should be proud.

    I use these compliments at times when I am so mad at difficult child that I can't see straight...I pull them out of my memory bank to help bring me back to earth. Just an extra added benefit :wink: