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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by mrscatinthehat, May 10, 2009.

  1. mrscatinthehat

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    I know that everyone goes through it but last night I discovered the first gray hair. Not sure if it is gray or white. It really doesn't upset me it just makes it apparent that I am getting older.

    When I mentioned something about it today easy child looked at me like she was in shock.

    I mean I got bifocals when I was 29. I had to because of the work I was doing. Always on the computer then I read to relax. My eyes gave up trying to work so hard. So I moved passed that easily. Now that most of my friends are starting to need them and wingeing about it I'm like what's the big deal.

    I just sat there looking at it almost admiring that little hair. It's mine and I'm proud of it. My dad and oldest brother grayed early but my mom still is slowly changing hair color.

    Another milestone reached.

  2. Andy

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    Of all the possible people to do so, my mom pointed out my first grey hair! MOM!! Moms are NOT to tell their daughters they are growing grey. Something about that is SO wrong!

    Anyway, I am turning very slowly and do not mind one bit. I really like my mom's salt and pepper look and hope mine gets to be like that if it has to.

    One day mom came to visit. During the entire stay, I was trying to figure out what was different. It was several days later that I realized she had dyed her hair to its natural color - I was seeing her as I did growing up and forgotten her hair had turned grey.
  3. Hound dog

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    I got my first white hair years ago. *notice I didn't say grey* Mine don't come in grey, they come in stark white. I've had bifocals for years too. Neither bother me.

    What did bother me was getting my driver's license renewed yesterday and discovering that I couldn't see a single letter on the eye test without my glasses. So now I'm restricted. Not really a big deal, I drive with my glasses anyway, always have. But boy, have my eyes gone downhill fast! Drastic change since the last eye exam!!

  4. mrscatinthehat

    mrscatinthehat Seussical

    I can't decide if it is gray or if it is white. It almost shines like the gold color did in my hair years ago. I just know it is of that kind. I have had to wear my glasses to drive ever since I got a license so I am out of luck that way.

  5. flutterby

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    I remember my first gray. I color my hair regularly, so I don't know how long I had it before I noticed it. I was horrified. I don't have many, but they're at the sides just above my ears. Sooooooo, if I'm overdo for a color and pull my hair back, there they are! And they have a mind of their own. Much more course than my normal hair...and wiry.

    I'm not going to enjoy this.

    Although, wiry gray hair would play in well with my fantasy of being the crazy cat lady. You know...the house on the corner that all the kids are afraid of and RUN past. I'll have the hair to go with it.

    Figure it will be the only way to get any peace and quiet.
  6. Abbey

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    Shoot. I was 21 when I got my first grey hair. A few years ago I stopped coloring it just to see how grey I was. It was not a pretty sight. It was during the summer when I was teaching so I didn't see too many people. I went into my hair guy after about 3 months and I thought he was going to faint. He estimated that I'm about 90% grey. Now, I don't really mind that, but it's not the pretty salt and pepper or silvery grey. It's just....well, grey.

    Bifocals? Got my first pair at age 7. I just renewed my driver's license and the lady kind of coaxed me along on the chart. I didn't wear my glasses. My friend says, "Who in the hell would give a blind bat like you a license???":surprise: