The Good and The Bad

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    Bug continues to do well at school. Yay! No major tantrums, following instructions well, and his tic level hasn't gone through the roof like it did last year. He is also doing well at home!

    Our very good news is that he got accepted into a child psychiatry clinic at a local medical school. He will be in the program for two years. I nearly cried when the director said, "I think we can help your son." I went to bed happy that night.

    On the bad side, we had a small problem at school this week. Long story short: Last year was a disaster, with several parents wanting Bug kicked out of his class due to his self-regulation issues...This year, the children of those parents are NOT in Bug's class, but he plays with them on the playground. On Wednesday, the two girls complained that Bug told them to "get your weapons." Turns out that they were playing knights and princess and the teacher who saw this happen felt it was entirely appropriate within the scope of their play. However, the downside is that his aide, who has been trying to give him space at recess, is now having to stay within listening distance to monitor his language. I hate to do that to him, but husband and I (as well as the school administrators) feel like we have to for his own safety and to make sure these parents don't go on the attack again.

    Anyway, I'm trying to focus on how well things are going.