The honeymoon is OVER!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by KTMom91, Feb 23, 2009.

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    Well, it was a pleasant week, but Miss KT has let us know that she is HOME. She was bored, it was raining, she didn't want to do homework, or go to the gym, or do anything but b!tch about unfair life is, and then she got insulted when I told her I didn't particularly want to hear it. She's back to landing on Hubby when he so much as breathes in her direction.

    We're having major computer issues, and Hubby wants the computer turned off at night, so it will hopefully last a bit longer. Miss KT wanted the computer left on. Both of us said "no" at the same time, and she got all snotty at Hubby, saying "I wasn't talking to YOU." She did laundry, but got mad when I asked her to hang up a shirt of Hubby's that was still wet. Well, if you'd left it in the dryer, it would have been dry. She offered to make cookies, but got mad because she didn't read the entire recipe, and dumped everything into the bowl, and then the hand mixer had trouble mixing. She wanted to dump it all and make something else. No. I ended up finishing the baking. She's back to being angry at the entire universe, and I'm already tired of hearing it.
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    I've heard from two geeks about the on/off computer thing.

    First camp says "A computer is like a person. If you turn it off at night you save the life of the computer and thus - allow it to last longer."

    Second camp says "A computer is a computer. If you turn it off at night you are wearing out the power suppy and not making it last any longer, and also causing more work on your capcaitors, on/off/on/off."

    I leave mine on - Mom shuts hers off. lol.

    As far as those cookies? I would have finished them but not let her have a single bite.

    What was her punishement for speaking to her father like that?

    As far as shirts that don't belong to her? Svck it up and do your own laundry and don't ask for any favors from her - BUT don't be so READY to DO favors for her either.

    Sorry Hurricane KT is back in the room.....
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    I've heard the same thing about computers...and also that you are supposed to leave it on all night to allow automatic updates for your security system and the like...

    So we used to leave ours on--that was until it died from being over-heated from being constantly left on...and ended up having to pay several hundred dollars to rescue the hard drive.

    So I definitely recommend turning the computer OFF.

    (I mean, it's not like I'm NASA or anything...I don't need to be online to receive urgent messages 24 hours a day).

    If only there was an OFF switch for these kids....

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    I'm sorry the honeymoon is over. Hugs.