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    have been busy so I haven't been around much.

    A few of you had asked about our was a wonderful getaway. We found a small cottage on Rice Lake in Wisconsin (a couple of hours from here).
    It was located on a small pennisula at the west end of the lake so there was little bother from boats going by.

    The cottage itself was beautiful & had all the luxuries I'm looking water, shower, dishwasher, grills, etc. In fact, the only things we had to pack was what we wanted to do, food & our clothes along with beach towels. There was no television - we brought a few movies to watch but mostly we hung around at night on the huge sofas in the living room & read or played scrabble or dominoes.

    kt found a couple of friends to hang out with that were in the cottage right next door to us. That kept her busy in & out of the lake. We took her bike along & she spent time swimming, biking, fishing with her friends....:playingball:

    husband spent the weekend on our dock fishing & taking pictures. He captured some gorgeous sunsets & a few small sunfish. :bigsmile:

    The cottage had a wonderful deck overlooking the lake & I spent the entire time sketching & painting. :painter: while listening to a few books on my PDA. (I sketched our neighbors back yard area & caught a tree with a birdhouse that his 90 y/o grandfather had built for him. He asked for a copy of that sketch & I mailed it off this past week.) Every direction I looked there was another beautiful scene. A sand crane landed on the shoreline right in front of us. husband caught a picture of it taking off in flight.

    That had to end & we headed home on Labor Day - just in time to get kt back to school.

    Since then there have been 3 staffings for wm; I've had an appointment or 2 here & there. kt is doing well (social butterfly wise :cutie_pie: in high school) - she's had a few incidents with some boys who "are trying to hurt her". So we've been dealing with that & how to react to that.

    kt has had 3 of her newest & best friends call me to ask me how to handle a situation at school. She keeps telling her friends that "my family is your family - you can talk to my mum". Arghhhhh!

    kt's in home therapist has moved on & we're waiting for a replacement therapist. The in home helped kt get through & process school last year. I'm hoping for the same this year.

    husband is being an "on again, off again" PITA. He's taking wm's poor performance out on kt. AND he keeps getting "spanked" for it by the tdocs. This isn't working for husband. husband is a little like wm - stubborn to the core.

    So if you've read this far you've caught up with life in tweedleville. Somedays pretty...other days not so much. :coffee2::pirate:
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    Linda, that sounds as close to heaven on earth as I've heard!

    To be honest, I think that KT has paid you the ultimate compliment that ANY kid can pay a Mom. "My family is your family - you can talk to my Mom about anything". OMG! You've done a world of good in that little ladies life!

    I'm glad that you got to escape, I'm so happy that you were able to have a little time to decompress and I'm jealous and mad that you haven't adopted ME YET!

    Welcome back, we missed you but are thrilled that you were missing for such a fantastic reason!

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    Glad your vacation was great! It sounds heavenly!

    How great that kt tells her friends they can talk to you - THAT says so much for how far she has come. And now you get a chance to impact other children's lives as well! Way To Go!

  4. WhymeMom?

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    Getting away from the hustle and bustle can work wonders on your psyche...... glad you got a chance to have a relaxing time before entering back into the school dramas.... Thanks for the update!
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    Sounds like a wonderful getaway and I'm so glad that you and H were able to spend that time together just relaxing - more than welcome time for all of you I'm sure.

    I loved kt's comments~kudos to you, mom!
  6. Hound dog

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    Thanks for describing your getaway in such wonderful detail. I've decided not to be horribly jealous, instead....I'll just live thru you instead. lol Sounds like such a lovely time for everyone.

    Katie has paid you the highest compliment a Mom can get. :D Shows what a wonderful job you've done, and that she realizes and appreciates it.

    Aren't all men on again/off again PITAs?? Or is that just mine? I think it's genetically bred into them. :rofl:

  7. Shari

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    Sounds like a wonderful break for a deserving group of people.