The Missing incident report was sent to me....uggg

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by buddy, Jan 20, 2012.

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    This is a follow up to the psychiatric saying he restrained Q last year and I had never gotten a written notice of any such thing. I had received many phone calls, at times people said the had held his . hand or wrist and that is all I remember. I would have certainly asked for more complete info than this... what was actually said between "negative talk" and his "grabbing his arm"???

    This is the email I sent to the law advocate... I am just doing a copy and paste plus quick edit to save time, hope it makes sense. let me know if I missed any names ... thanks guys...

    what do you think??

    Just so frustrating. I am really sick of this dude.

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    This is CYA koi. My impression is that this was written recently and NOT at the time. Mostly because what he says about you seems off, and NOT like you. More like what someone with psychiatric's limited ability to understand a situation would THINK you would say if he played the conversation in his head. Does that make sense?

    I am sure the guy has escalated 99% or more of his problems with Q. He sounds like the kind who believes that kids "learn" from restraints. They do, but NOT what this kind thinks they learn.

    There will be more tricks from this guy. He isn't trustworthy.
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    I dont think I would ever say Q would hold a grudge against him. It is dated and signed but I am not sure who the sigs are because they are illegible. I suspect he did call, it was the very end of school year... but he did NOT tell me he had him on the floor in a restraint. NO WAY I would let that go. I have been there with him so am very on guard. I am so suspicious and I really think you are right Susie, this is cya.
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    OH, a good thing about them sneaking the high school psychiatric into our fba meeting... I met her. She seemed totallly different and actually had questions about medications etc. and smiled and this psychiatric from the 5th grade transition meeting on said nothing and did nothing until the end of last year. And she is a woman, I think that might work in Q's favor.
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    Have they copied the file for the lawyer yet? There maybe ways to prove it was out of sequence... if the copying is done and that doctor is missing, its obvious, if not copied yet, it will of course be included, but they don't usually get things filed in proper sequence if its added afterwards.
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    They did and it wasn't in there.... they only sent the assessments and per reviews... she had asked for everything for the past two years...
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    Which means, by definition, it wasn't in the file, and ALL of this kind of documentation is just CYA... at least, it makes a good case for that!
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    I think so, but guess have to wait to see what she says. I just dont count on anything anymore. Luckily, we only have about four more months with this jerk so I am not going to waste my energy on him. I decided to focus on writing the best plan possible for 2012-13.