There should be a weekend getaway



I read so many posts, and articles and see myself in so many of the same situations. Feeling the same pain, frustration, tears.

there should be a get away where everyone from this board can meet, soak up some sun, and no difficult child's to worry about!!

There are days I don't think I can make it. (like the entire last week). then i come here. I feel your pain...and I know you can relate to me. Thank you


(the future) MRS. GERE
Your idea isn't farfetched. Many of us have had the pleasure to meet...sometimes one on one and other times various group get togethers have been planned. It's wonderful to meet and have a face to a name. :smile:

I'd be there in a second.

I'm such a social recluse, all my friends are cyber friends. I don't talk to people face to face if I can help it. Pathetic.

You guys rule *sniff*