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    A couple of weeks ago, we ate dinner at the cafe, who's owner has become a very good friend and Wee supporter. Another patron there that night was doggin on Wee and how he'd just take him for a weekend and he'd be fine when he came back.

    The next time we ate there, I took the 3 3" binders full of Wee's records, was gonna show that guy what we'd tried to "fix" Wee. He wasn't there, but it came out to my friend why I had them with me.

    My mom has been here watching Wee since he's not in school today. They ate at this cafe today, and that guy was there. Wee got stuck on something and was stuck until they left. When they left, tis guy told the owner "if she'd just get a handle on that kid now, it would be a whole lot easier".

    Knowing I had come in that night to "educate" this guy, the owner pulled up a chair. They talked for an hour, and she said the two men at that table have very different outlooks now. The one that was so critical of Wee had a very different tune when he left. She said at the very least he will do more observing and less blabbing next time. The other man at the table, she said was truly a changed man when he walked out.

    I am so thoroughly thankful for friends!
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Wow, how great to have an evangelizing friend like that! :D