Things have changed now that they're changing

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    I may have mentioned manster, now at the end of 5th grade, is participating in the "growing and changing" class at school. We have our weekly table talk discussions where husband tells manster what he remembers about adolesence and we all talk about stuff we'd all rather not talk about lol.

    So I can tell it's all sunk in. Manster fought about going to his dad's tonight and I told him that husband and I really just needed a couple hours alone, perhaps have a candlelight dinner. He said "why can't I join you, I would like a candlelight dinner. I said but we just need some time just the two of us and he finally blurted out "if you want to have s.x, I can just stay in my room! Well, ok then.
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    LOL! I guess that learning the romance aspect comes in later years!! At least he got the basics down!
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    LOL! That's very nice of him!:D
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    That's an Aspie remark if I ever heard one! LOL!!! It was sweet of him to offer though. Many kids would be totally grossed out by the thought IF they connected what they learned in school to their parents. A big IF there. Offering to stay out of the way after making that connection shows some real consideration for you, even if it is a bit off the wall.

    He has a really sweet heart.
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    :embarrassed::couple:Omg, rofl!!!
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    *snort* That was very nice of him to be so understanding... *chuckle*
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    What a hoot! Very understanding of young Manster.
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    That is great. If husband and I hug or kiss easy child tells us to go to our room. Aren't they funny?