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    All of the things we learn raising these kids. What to do, what not to do, how many different ways to try things, where to go to find info etc, etc, etc.

    I sit here wondering (as I am looking at a couple of parent educator workshops) what do I do with this information when my kids are no longer in need of me to advocate for them. I can't tell you how many books/pamphlets/classes etc I have done in order to be better prepared to take care of and convince others to help me take care of my kids. The thing is I know I don't know it all (who does) but I know a lot. In the last five years my brain has sponged in a ton of stuff. Good and bad.

    As we prepare to transition our children to adulthood (whichever direction that means they will go) what do I do with the knowledge I have? How do I transition me? Of course here I can help on things I know. But in the world what do I do with all of this "wisdom"?

    I woke up this morning just wondering after they are out of the house (woo hoo) what do I do? I mean I work part time, have a couple of hobbies, read things like that but those don't FILL my days like all of the stuff for difficult children.

    Do I just walk away and say ok now I am done? That seems like such a waste (not that taking care of my kids is but not continuing to us the knowledge).

    I mean I don't have a degree (well not one on paper anyway) in anything so how could I even begin to do anything with this?

    I know maybe this is premature but as we get closer to transitioning the first one into adulthood it won't be long and they will all be there.

    Thanks for letting me ramble.

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    You could volunteer with-local moms and offer advice, if you're still into that sort of thing when the kids are grown.
    You work part time ... is it something you like enough to do full time?
    Same with-hobbies?
    I'm lucky ... I'm an artist and love to have lots of quiet time to paint. No problem there. I'm also a writer and have written poems and several manuscripts, two inspired by my son, and am trying to market them. I have many more books in my mind and once the kids are grown, I will madly type away at the keyboard.
    I may occasionally haunt bb's with-stressed-out moms, but I suspect I'll be so happy it's done and overwith, I'll move onto something more enjoyable. I'm not altruistic that way.
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    Funny I have thought the same things for quite some time. I even looked into going back into school, to get a degree of sorts, in some sort of social work.
    However, I just started a full time career, and for now, this is where I need to be.
    I am not sure what the answer is, other than this is all part of the soul searching we have to do as we mature. It's tough though. It seems like we should do something with all of this knowledge we have, in some way, to help others. Perhaps that is the reason I love this board. I need somewhere to funnel my overflow of difficult child parenting techniques.
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    I have read and printed out more material than I can ever re read again. I contacted our local Governors Continuum of Care and started a lending library.

    I had an old book shelf, a relief state map, and almost 35 books. I asked anyone here that wanted to send them to me to do so and they would be donated in their name. Other than those the inside of the books were all given a printed label with a picture I designed that said Dudes Lending Library. I created a card catalog of the books and a check out system so they could be returned when a parent who couldn't afford them could have a chance to read them.

    Some of the administrators there took my material - I had stuff from the NAMI, Mental Health gov. site about how to talk to your kids about drugs, posters and gave it all to them. I kept the stuff about battered and abused women, but made copies which I noticed the last time I went were all gone.

    If you can't do that - call your local library and ask them if they would be interested. I think it's a wonderful legacy for my son to hear that people are using his library resources for help.

    Just a thought - rambling also