This explains a lot about our problems with schools

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    Think I would find out what school the printers went to......guess they don't have spell check either......
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    For the love of Benji.
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    You know the printers ended up doing that job for free.....
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    Several years ago, the neighboring city unveiled a beautiful black granite monument to fallen police officers. Only problem was they honored a man from the "sherriff's" office. Wouldn't you think that if you're literally setting it in stone, you'd check and double check your spelling? Of course, this is the same town where a man was hit by a car while sitting on his toilet...
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    I ordered a cake once and when I went to pick it up it said "Congradulations." The stupid #$%^& couldn't figure out why I was upset. Maybe that's the school she went to.
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    I wonder if this was an American printer.
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    I met a woman at the Salvation Army.
    She had overcome abject poverty of unspeakable proportions.
    She was raised by a grandmother. Mom drugs, Dad prison
    She went into the Army. Served 8 years.
    She got out and married.
    She overcame crack and alcohol addiction.
    She had a daughter
    Her husband /wrong place wrong time - and got sent to prison for 8 years.
    In that time - she went to college. This past month she graduated with her Masters Degree in drug and alcohol counseling.
    She is poor.
    Her husband is getting out of prison and she is moving across the country to be with him. She has no lines on a new job -but figures with a degree she can get one easily.

    One of the customers in the store she works part time offered to give her printed graduation announcements as her gift from him.
    They are beautiful. An off white with brown ink - and a ribbon.

    Printed in the fourth line is : As She Receives Her Degree In
    I said NOTHING. She asked me WHY I said nothing.

    I commented that they were a gift from the heart
    AND - that she really wasn't going for perfection here - she wanted CASH.

    Then jokingly she asked me what I was giving her. I had written a letter to her boss, her boss' boss, and his boss. I also sent the same letter to the board of directors for the business she worked for. In all I sent out 5 copies. Her boss was so impressed with the comments that he took her to lunch. At lunch he asked her what she was going to do when she moved - (for work) and she said she figures where God puts her blah blab blah.

    So he tells her that ANYONE that made such an impression on a customer in his store HAS to be 1 in a million and offered her a job in the town where she's moving to. IF she will counsel the men and women at the Salvation Army there - he will also give her a job in their thrift store. If she works for them a total of 5 years - they will pay $25k towards her student loans as a non-profit entity.

    She's worked for them already for 4. She works there 1 more year, does counseling which is what she is trained for, gets paid for that - and they will cover 25K on her loans.

    She said I gave her the best gift of all - I had no IDEA it was that.

    So for a little printing error - I think she can deal.
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    That's a great story, Star.