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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by tammybackagain, Jan 2, 2013.

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    I don't accept excuses and difficult child knows it. first day back to school and his normal IEP Teacher is out. So he decideds first to put fingers in ears so he don't have to listen to teacher, then stands up walks around class and refuses to sit down. then decides just to ignore everyone in class. this all happened this morning then afternoon perfect child. when asked he lied to me said he didn't do it. then when I called him on it bunch of excuses.. so time out for lying, then room playing till bed time no TV, and bedtime 1 hr earlier since he must have been tired this morning. thanks for letting me vent pulling out hair now..
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    Dont pull it all out! LOL Can you imagine how frustrated his poor teacher was. She was probably wanting to scream and laugh at the same time considering all I can do is picture a child with his fingers in his ears.
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    Found out last night his normal IEP teacher will be out for while she had a premature baby during break. So now teaching the Sub what to do. including if he starts like that we are to be called so Grandpa or grandma can come in and help... keep him on track. today I have robe, fuzzy slippers and rollers ready told husband i'm going.
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    Sending understanding hugs. It's such a relief for me that my grandsons are out of school and I don't have to "stay ready" after decades. I don't know about you, Tammy, but many of difficult child#2's teachers were totally shocked that I was ready to respond on very short notice. Not very many parents were willing and most of them didn't have the freedom to leave work to head to the school. Good luck. I firmly agree that consistency is the only way to repattern difficult children and that only results if you're lucky. Hugs DDD