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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Hound dog, Nov 27, 2009.

  1. Hound dog

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    We lost a member of our stray cat pride today. Honey has been coming to eat here about every day since last spring. She's a Bruce look-alike, orange stripe tabby with a pretty white belly and socks. We called her Honey cuz her eyes were golden like honey and she was super sweet.

    We discovered her lying in the middle of the road when we were coming home from our tday dinner at easy child's. I yelped cuz husband almost got her a 2nd time. She looked like she was just lying in the road. I got out to check to see if she was still alive. Of course she wasn't, a car had gotten her.:(

    Makes my heart ache. This little cat never hurt anything. She always had a happy purr, a leg rub, and a friendly meow. She never fought with the other strays. She was so sweet that I'd decided with my spring check I'd get her fixed and bring her in. (she was Bruce's "girl-friend" )

    Ok. I suppose it's silly to get so sad over a cat that wasn't even really mine. But it's such a shame. To have her family dump her. (and she was very traumatized by being dumped) and to have met that painful end..........with no real family to love her like she deserved to be loved.....

    Ok. Getting sentimental. Maybe it's the holidays. But I hope she's in a happy place with plenty of birds and fish to chase, trees to climb, and lots of sunning rocks.
  2. Shari

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    Its hard to lose something you care about, even if the logical part of our brain says it should be "silly". FWIW, I don't think its silly.

    You made her last days here much better than they would have been.

    Hugs for your hurting heart.
  3. flutterby

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    It's not silly. It's tragic what happens to abandoned animals. I'm glad she had you. I'm sure she felt your love for her.

  4. jal

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    DL...been there done that, only we agreed to take on the cat because the owner had to move & couldn't take him. husband and I had errands to run, cat missing longer than usual. Decided to pass our exit to head to another store, (on a major hwy in our area). Saw cat dead at our exit. We had already agreed to keep him. He was scheduled to be fixed the following week. Pure white, long body/long haired male with-blue eyes. Would jump from the floor to you shoulder in a second with-o clawing you.

    That's why now if we have a cat they stay indoors. We have 2 we rescued as ferral kittens. They are now 8 yrs old and big LOVES. No going out, too many coyettes in the area.

    I am sorry.
  5. Abbey

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    Daisy, that is not silly at all. It's called compassion. I'm so sorry her beautiful life was cut short. At least you gave her love in a cruel world.

  6. Steely

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    I am so, so sorry. I remember when my kitty Ash's life was cut short. I cried for months and felt "stupid" for grieving until my sis reminded me it was normal to grieve the things that bring us happiness. We should never feel stupid or silly grieving an animal..........they bring us so much could we not.