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    Dear Parents,

    Thank you to those of you who have participated in our study examining your experiences with the services your child has received for his/her special needs! I really appreciate your time.

    Unfortunately we have not received nearly the number of responses we had hoped. If you have not participated, PLEASE DO IT! I understand that is primarily meant to provide support for parents, not be a research site. I know you always have a lot on your plate, but I am trying to encourage you to participate without annoying you with daily reminders.

    Here is the link:

    The more responses we get for the survey, the better the likelihood that the research will be published and therefore, influence current treatment practices. If the number of respondents is too small, the data cannot be analyzed. I know a lot of people think that publication of a study only benefits the author but that is not true. Positive changes benefit children. Not very many people conduct research about students with mental health problems in schools and almost no one studies their parents (YOU!). The first step to getting this information outside of small groups is publication, and that cannot be done unless we hear from you about what has worked and has not worked for your child, and how the mental health and school personnel have treated you. The original deadline for responding was Feb 5th. You can start the survey and come back to it if needed. In addition, please tell other parents you know who would qualify to participate about the study.

    Participants may be any parent or guardian of a child aged 3-18 living in the United States who have emotional and/or behavioral needs (i.e. autism, Asperger's syndrome, ODD, ADHD, depression, and so on). Your child does not have to have a diagnosis to participate.

    I wish I could provide incentives for participation. I will, however, be available to provide advice and support in navigating the school system by email.

    I know that it is possible to more than double the response rate; the first survey Martie's Loyola team launched in 2006 brought in over 600 responses qualifying it as a 'large' study. This survey does not have to have that many parents respond but at least 200 of you are really needed in order for the data to be analyzed.

    Thank you very much for your time!

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    I want to personally invite those that lurk to participate in this study. Too much of the literature has perpetuated the assumption that parenting and family life is behind many of our children's' issues. This colors the way that educators, psychologists, school administrators and health care professionals are trained and therefore deal with the parents and caregivers of our difficult children.

    I also ask that you pass this link on to other parenting resources so that Laura can get as big a sample as possible for this study. Many of us have contact with other parents of difficult children and this is an opportunity to help have their voices heard as well.

    This is chance for us to give back by continuing to lay the groundwork for more tolerant school environments.

    Thank you.
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