Thought I would check in and let you know...


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That things are really crappy around here. :mad: Sorry I'm not posting or responding to threads. Holding things together with husband...barely. :frown:

I think of you all often.



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I'm sorry, Robby. Would it help to talk about it- just spill it? We're here for you.



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Sorry things aren't going well. We are here for you, anytime!!! I know I always feel better when I post, so when you are ready, we'll be here.


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Sending hugs. You and husband have good parenting intentions as all of us do. It's hard to live with difficult child behavior despite good intentions on your part.


My son has humbled me more than once.


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May only good come of this time of reflection. May God intervene and heal the wounds, send new hope to your spirit and peace to your home.


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cookie, I am one who is known for asking people to share and let's talk it out together. someone once told me they do not like me reaching out like that at all and actually got mad because I have tried to get them to share so I can comfort/be there/listen/advise/pray for or with them/whatever.

so---if you are comfortable with sharing, I am listening. :smile:


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Aww, Robby, I was afraid things wouldn't go well but was so hoping that I would be wrong.

We are all here for you when you need us.

Sending a big hug for your hurting heart.



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Robby - sorry for this further issue! I'm with Ant's mom - sometimes talking it over with folks helps. Personally, few of my friends would believe my story and even fewer would be supportive. However, in the many years I've been coming here, I've never bee censored in the least. Please take care.