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    I have been watching some of the films on this week. There are some amazing films that may inspire/interest/intrigue some of you. Each one of these was interesting to me and made me think and question lots of things.

    Cracked Not Broken is about a woman with a crack addiction. She had a good family, the right schools, all the right things and still ended up with a very powerful addiction. The movie was made by her bff's husband and is eye opening, especially when you consider she held several responsible professional jobs even though she had become an addict as a teenager.

    Haze is about binge drinking on college campuses. The description is as follows: "On the afternoon of September 16, 2004, a joyous 18-year-old, Lynn Gordon Bailey Jr., pledged Chi Psi Fraternity at the University of Colorado. The next morning he was found dead, a victim of an irresponsible hazing ritual involving alcohol."

    in my opinion it is more about the prevalence of binge drinking than hazing rituals. Binge drinking is incredibly prevalent on campuses these days. Living in a colleg town we are seeing a lot of our high schoolers developing real problems with binge drinking because they attend college parties with siblings, older friends, or boyfriends and then think this is the "cool" way to party. This movie might be a good tool to use when talking to kids about the dangers of binge drinking. It at least will give adults some idea of the extent of drinking at many college parties.

    India's Hidden Plague is especially powerful. Ashley Judd created it to show the HUGE problem that HIV and AIDS is in India. It opens your eyes to the terrible poverty women with HIv/AIDS survive in there, and how cruelly they are treated. Many of them were forced into prostitution, raped, or had a spouse give them the disease and then kick them out to fend for themselves.

    The last one is a new look at one of the most notable serial killers of our time. I know many of us have wondered how we would/will function if we learn that our adult children have done something unthinkable. Raising Jeffrey Dahmer is the story of how Jeffrey Dahmer's father handled learning what his son had done. Mr. Dahmer was horrified by his son's actions, and yet this was still his son, the little boy he raised and loved. I think many parents here will find it at least interesting and thought provoking. I know there were quite a few times when I wondered if I would be in the terrible position of having a child who grew up and killed people. This doesn't answer the question for any of us, but it does show us how one father handled it.

    I know that many of you won't have time to watch these right away. But if you find yourself up in the night, these are films that you might find interesting. I do NOT recommend watching them with your children, at least not before you have seen them yourself.
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    Sounds incredibly interesting. Thanks so much for posting.

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    Thanks for commenting. Nice to know that someone read this and was interested.
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    Strange that there haven't been more posts in response. Maybe this is just a quiet time for the Board?
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    Sorry, I read the post and was thinking about watching the college binge drinking one. Sometimes it all feels so painful that I want to avoid the issues.
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    Looks interesting. I always find hearing parents stories about their difficult child very enlightening.