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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Jena, Feb 7, 2008.

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    hi good morning to everyone,

    i had to share this, a little bit of sunshine in the middle of the chaos of it all :)

    my little difficult child so sweet she is has a crush on a boy. yup in the middle of it all the medication's, doctor's etc. she found a little boy of whom she has a huge crush on.

    she was so excited about it last night, talking about it she couldn't sleep lol.

    yes it was a chlonidine night for her and us we needed some sleep. we've got older difficult child with mono and then her. mommy needed rest.

    how cute is that though? she was up till midnight talking about whether or not she should buy him chocoate for valentines day? debating whether or not she has the nerve to give it to him.

    when you wipe away all the stuff, there lies a simple cute little girl those are the moments i love absolutely love that fillith the cup up again.........:)

    just had to share that with all of you

    jen :)

    p.s. you know i will be using this to get her to school that bad??
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    Truly a memory to tuck away in your mommy's heart. :) It isn't bad too use that... hey.... whatever works... :)

    It is those little glimpses of the "normal" child that keep us going sometimes. :)