to move, but where?

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    We have been in NC for about 3 years now (moved from upstate NY) and I've reached a point I know we need to move. I'm not saying we need to move NOW, but I can't see myself living in our area in the long term.
    Several things: a very economically deprived area which mean few businesses. We are lucky enough to have a small hospital, walmart and Lowe's and McDonalds. That's pretty much it.
    The country is pretty but there is NO life, nowhere to go... I just found out the little ice cream shop closed. Partner asked if McDonald closed too! lol
    The people around here are friendly but don't let outsiders in. Besides "hello and "how are you", don't expect anything else and believe me we've tried.
    We are not church going people and that is like social suicide around here. If you're not part of a church, you're not part of anything around here.
    I am quite bothered by the way white and black folks do not mingle. It's like 2 groups living side by side but never meeting. I'm not sure if it is specific to my area or maybe I see things differently having been raised in France. But I don't like my kids growing up this way.
    Services for special need kids are almost inexistent around here. Driving over 1 hour for all of the weekly therapies is not doable.
    So that's for the negatives, but there are also some positives.
    We moved here for work and that was a good decision. We have lots of work and husband gets to come home more often.
    The local school seems to be quite good so far (not a small detail!).
    We have a beautiful home not to far from an international airport with a direct flight to Paris.
    If we were to move and ignore the hassle of selling the house (probably would take a couple years in our area and the economy), the ideal place would be: in the country with a few acres (need to accomodate all of our business equipment), no further than 40 minutes from a larger city, said city would have a direct flight to Paris, good services for V and Sweet Pea, good schools. Hum... what else? Good hunting land for husband would be the cherry on cake! I know he would like about 20acres, but I don't know if it's possible with all of the above criterias.
    Well, if you guys have any suggestions, go ahead! :)
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    We have all that stuff but I'm not sure about the direct flight. That one might be a little tougher. Most rural Minnesota men fish and/or hunt. There are many nice smaller towns within driving distance of Buddy and what we call farms (homes in the country surrounded by trees and crops and streams/lakes) are pretty plentiful. There is NEVER a problem finding something to do in most towns. Our races tend not to segregate themselves here although some do and I have yet to meet many that even asks about religion much less care. Ummmm did I leave anything out? What kind of work do you and husband do? Not sure if you've ever mentioned it before.
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    I think that a move closer to Charlotte would be a good idea. It's really quite lovely, and you haven't moved to he hillbilly country quite yet. There are many pretty small cities in Gaston County that would fit the bill if you are interested. Let me know, and I could show you around.

    Oh, and when they ask me "Have you found a church yet?" I tell them, "I'm not sure. There's one on every corner. Which one is missing"?

    I have joined a community choir open of minded women that I am enjoying so far. They're very talented so I hope that they will continue to want me. I also joined a Rotary group. We meet for lunch once a week and someone from he community comes in and makes a 30 minute presentation. Last week it was the editor of the local Gazette. The week before it was a retired detective from Charlotte who had gone back and written grant applications and was able to start up a Cold Case squad for victims of sexual assault. One week we heard from a photographer. If you can find one that suits your schedule, they can be a lot of fun, and religion and politics are not allowed.
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    Hey there. I think I know where you are in general and I am somewhat surprised about the black/white issue. It is so not an issue where I am and I am only about 2 hours southeast of you.

    I was actually thinking about you yesterday when I was in Fayetteville because right across from my psychiatrist's office is a place for special needs kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). I cant remember the name of it but it was a really cute name so it caught my attention. Im certainly not Also Fayetteville is one of the places that is very well known for the TEACHH or something like that. I probably have those letters in the wrong way but I know they spell out teach.

    I am sure you are wanting to get out of NC but if you would consider just moving slightly, the Cumberland area really has what you are looking for and I can probably help your husband get into some hunting land with Tony. Tony hunts and fishes year round. Also with the trucking business, Cumberland is on 95.
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    You could move up here, and have a really great life - including all kinds of services for kids with dxes like yours - esp. Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and/or speech and hearing problems. But... I can't get you a direct flight to Paris. I can't even get you a direct flight to Toronto!
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    OK has a lot of what you are looking for. My town is a bit different than most of the small cities in many areas. The state univ is the biggest employer and we have several big factories also. Our university started as an A&M school (agriculture and mining) and ag is HUGE here. A lot of very cutting edge agricultural research is done here so we have a hugely diverse population. Not just the 2 groups you mentioned, but a strong contingent from many other countries/colors/races/whatevers. It truly makes our small city different from other areas because there is FAR mroe tolerance and racial diversity. Plus the univ sponsors student groups from each country and these groups put on some amazing festivals, shows, etc...

    We are about 2 hrs from either of 2 major airports, but I don't know about direct flights to Paris. There is a LOT of hunting and fishing here, and it literally takes ten min to drive and be out in the country from the center of town. We do have quite a few services for kids with problems like Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and you have your choice of specialists and professionals from both OKC and Tulsa - they are each the same drive time from our town.
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    I empathise - I know all about "should we move and where to" dilemmas :)
    It's obviously a big decision and you're obviously going to do a lot of research before you commit yourselves. At least you are clear you do want to move because you need to be nearer to services for the children. So that is your first priority and your second is work. You have the time to start exploring, on the net and in real life, until the clear solution of where you need to be becomes clear.
    Best of luck!
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    For my own selfish reasons, I would love it if you moved to Harford County, MD. I need to speak French again!

    They hunt and fish here, we are close to I95, 40 mns from Baltimore which has lots of things happening. husband has joined the Baltimore Council On Foreign Affairs and loves their guest speakers. This area is doing very well due to its proximity to the Aberdeen Proving Grounds.

    Happy hunting et bonne chance!
  9. Hound dog

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    I would avoid Ohio. Lovely state, except for the unemployment rate right now. Maybe once the economy begins to recover..............
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    I can not attest to educational supports in various Florida areas but I do know for a fact that some Counties are known for excellence while others...not. on the other hand I truly do love Florida because it is such a diverse location. Although I grew up in South Florida I would only suggest that location if you really are quite wealthy....the real estate is out of sight. It is absolutely a diverse area. At my favorite french restaurant in Coral Gables I get transported by hearing English, French, Spanish (of course), and at least two other "foreign" languages blending in unity. Lordy, I miss that so much.

    Central Florida provides fishing/hunting and acreage within two hours of Tampa and Orlando..and likely Jacksonville. I'm not sure which of the airports have the flights you need but I'm sure a couple of them do. Personally I can attest to ENDLESS opportunities to join Rotary etc. We live in this rural communicty and there are five or six Rotary groups. The more rural you are the more likely you'll be encouraged to join "our church" with regularlty. It's just part of the southern culture in rural areas. In urban areas you can do your own thing.

    We have beautiful beaches, world famous amusement parks, many colleges, and alot of nice diverse people. Put Fl. on your list for consideration. Hugs DDD
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    How about southern PA, near Philadelphia? Or just over the state border in the Wilmington, DE area?
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    For the ones that don't know it yet, we have a transportation company and wee do need to saty were the freight is. Our clients are mostly along 77.
    After looking at the map, 3 great location for our business: Charlotte (where we are, but just too far East), Chicago and Pittsburgh. All 3 have direct flights.
    Witzend, I LOVE your answer to the church question. LOL
    Janet, I do realize NC is a good place for V but our county has like no services. It is known for it's lack of services. Something we did not know when we moved, I did not even know V and Sweet Pea (wo was not conceived yet) who need services.
    Hound, ironically we have thought about OH lots of time because we have so much business there. Pittsburgh is close to OH and 77.
    husband is a bit scared of another move although he does admit that our current location isn't the best for our family.
    I'm guessing moving closer to Charlotte might just do the trick. Populated areas offer more choice in people, activities and lifestyle.
    I had not thought of the rotary club. I'll have to look into it. Rotary club in Paris is pretty elitist and I just stayed on this assumption. LOL
  13. witzend

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    Rotary is essentially business people, but they're very friendly and like to do get-togethers. I wouldn't say that they're "elitist", just not as blue collar as say, Elks or Moose.
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    Yeah, would love you to come here....only 15 min to the international airport! But pretty far from your business contacts.....(minor detail) now is probably a good time to consider it though before partner is old enough not to want to leave some girlfriend and early enough to get better services for the little ones. Nice that you have time to research counties and school districts.
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    Actually I think Raleigh or Chapel Hill would be better as far as medical goes than Charlotte to be honest. If for some reason you do have to go down to Charlotte for a time or two, it shouldnt have to be constantly and its only about a two hour drive on 85 if that. There are many more services through Duke, UNC Chapel Hill, Wake Forest and even just a hop skip and a jump down to Fayetteville. I know it seems like these places are far apart but they really arent. You can cover them with a quarter on the map. If you take a back road out of Raleigh, you can be in Fayetteville in about 40 minutes. Now that does depend on You would probably like the Sanford or Wake forest area better. Or even Johnston County. It is somewhat less hectic.