Today Was to Have Been the Return to School


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After a week's worth of spring break, but the "Nor'easterner" that blasted through the area has forced school to close today. difficult child and easy child are both equally delighted, but husband who was home with them all last week probably will not be once he awakens to find they are home again today. Too bad I will be at work all day. :smile:

Funny thing is, we went away for a long weekend into the mountains. We had a great time - minus difficult child and easy child bickering, etc. - but left early yesterday morning to head home ahead of the weather. It's so pretty where we were staying, now I wish we had stayed another night - could've used the storm as an excuse for work. Except, if we got 6 inches of wet, heavy snow here, I'll bet they got 24 inches up there.

Oh well . . . guess I better get out and shovel out my car.

Anyone else "enjoying" an unexpected late season snow day today??


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We're to get a mix of snow and rain today, Jamie. So far, thankfully it's just cold out. They said perhaps an inch where we are, up to 3 inches in the mountain region. I hope we don't get anything. I'm ready for this weather to start warming up.


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I live on the coast in NC we lost 5 feet of beach. The winds were awful. A swimmer drown right down the street from my house. The coast guard was out with boats and helicopters searching for him but the under tow was too strong. When I woke up this morning the ocean looked like a lake. I wish we had snow here. It looks so pretty on TV.


LOL my kids are also delighted but not me!!!! We are walled in our town by multiple large bodies of flood waters :O( No escape, LOL


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Well, husband and the munchkins made it through their snow day and I am happy to report they are on their way to their respective schools this morning - although they were not happy about having to don their winter coats again.

Linda, my in-laws live in Maplewood, MN and called us yesterday morning to tell us that your neck of the woods has seen a recent warm up. I believe she may have been gloating a bit. Hee hee.

Most of the snow ended up melting yesterday and today it is already 35 degrees, so it'll probably be gone by tonight. I have boxes of bulbs for planting, so I hope this extended winter shakes itself out soon.

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Well, Jamie, next time you visit your in-laws you need to plan on stopping by. I'm on the edge of St. Paul - almost in Maplewood.

I'm bragging as well - another day of warm is in the forecast. Of course there was gloating - we Minnesotans don't have a great deal, weather wise to gloat about.


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I would love to meet face-to-face! That would be great! We haven't been to MN in just about 2 years - we are almost due.

One Easter we were in MN - packed our long sleeves, etc. and it was actually in the 70's on Easter Sunday. We had to go out and buy something appropriate. I remember difficult child was about 4 and was running around in his undershirt.

I know that you too know what the winter is all about, so I don't mind it at all if you're bragging a bit.

I keep reminding myself that it was in the 60's and 70's here in November - we're not in the middle of a long winter, just a late one.

Enjoy your warm day! Hope the sun is out all day!! :wink: